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Everything we know about Bud Spencer’s alleged daughter

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Who is Carlotta Rossi, who claims to be Bud Spencer’s daughter?

Carlota Rossi is the woman who took a court procedure to obtain recognition of paternity Bud Spencer. The 46-year-old London-based producer claims to be the daughter of the famous Italian actor and creator who passed away on June 27, 2016 at the age of 86. Rossi asked for a DNA test to prove the authenticity of the message he supported, and also demanded damages from the heirs. “For the damage inflicted by the great imperfection of the father’s character throughout the life span”. But who is Carlotta Rossi? On social media, she uses her full name, Carlotta Rossi Spencer, and claims to have a vivid memory of the actress that she and her mother often visited. She never called him “dad” and always just called him by the pseudonym Lalo.

Carlota Rossi She is 46 years old and lives in London, where she is a producer for Banijay, a well-known multinational in the entertainment world. She has been married for several years to a man who, curiously, bears the same name as her alleged father: Carlo. In fact, remember that Bud Spencer’s real name is Carlo Pedersoli. The couple has two daughters. During an interview given to Corriere della Sera, Rossi revealed that Bud Spencer was going to provide him with maintenance until graduation. Not only this, the actress will pay for her studies, vacations and trip to the United States. The woman added that until her death in 2016, Spencer always sent his mother – Giovanna Michelna Rossi – a monthly check of about 1,000 euros..

Who is Carlotta Rossi, who claims to be Bud Spencer’s daughter?

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But why has Rossi now decided to reveal that she is the daughter of Bad Spencer? The answer always comes in the interview with the courier. “There is no reason for my decision now to make my requests in court and to mention in the book the great love that bound my mother to my father. Today I am ready, not before”. Among the reasons for the long silence is a promise Carlotta made to her mother. “I feel free from the promise I made to my mother, who failed on November 9, 2015, that I would never tell anyone about my father”. Rossi decided not to attend Bud Spencer’s funeral, despite attending the public funeral of his supposed father in the Capitol, along with several other people. “I stood in line like everyone else, next to the men who had his name and Terence Hill tattooed on his arm. I passed in front of the corpse, a burgundy rope separating us from the lawful family. I was a spectator”.

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