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Don’t Make Me Go, Amazon Prime Video Drama Review :: Blog On Today

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From Friday 15 July Available on Prime Video Don’t let me go – Don’t let me goan Amazon original film directed by Hannah Marks and starring John Cho and Mia Isaac.

straight from the trailer and first advancewe knew that Don’t make me go It’s a movie about the final journey of a terminally ill father with his daughter, so if you’re looking for something cheerful you can leave alone; However, for those who want a movie that is dramatic but not too much, sad but also light, then Don’t make me go It might be the right movie. Provided you have the strength.

Before explaining the reasons why we recommend and why not watch Don’t make me go awayAnd the films that reminded us of it in some way (in case you need comparison terms), let’s briefly review the plot of the film, obviously without spoilers.

What doesn’t make me go is around

Max Park is forty years old and working as a writer has been pressing him a bit lately. He’ll need time off, perhaps to take part in his college friends reunion, but to make sure he gets a check up and finds out he has a bony tumor near the brain: the only possibility of survival is surgery with 80% dying under the knife.

Wally is a girl of about sixteen who struggles with the problems of girls her age, and has a semi-boyfriend who does not want to be involved in an emotional relationship but only sexually. Wally is Max’s daughter, who is raised alone after his ex-wife and their newborn baby left him to start a new life with Max’s ex-boyfriend.

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Don't make me go to Prime video-2

After news of the cancer, Max contemplates and decides not to undergo a risky operation and enjoy the final months of life with Wally, beginning with a road trip to college for a reunion, and trying to contact his ex about “delegating” a daughter to her. At this point we pause so as not to reveal About a lot of the story, but we recommend you to watch a file tractor From Don’t make me go away.

Why (don’t) watch “Don’t Make Me Go Away”

Ten years ago, the script was written by Vera Herbert titled Work A story about my father she was Insertion In the list of the best scenarios that have not yet been made into a movie. However, the most frequent criticism on Rotten Tomatoes relates precisely to the predictability of the plot.

In fact, Wally’s narrator “spoils” the ending in the first scene, when he says “You won’t like the ending of this story, but you will love the story.” This is undoubtedly true, no matter how much one prepares for the tragic conclusion.

Don't let me go Don't let me go 2-2

We reminded this movie, in particular, of two movies on Netflix, i.e. starling’s nestWith Melissa McCarthy and the Italian My brother, my sister. If you haven’t watched it, we recommend watching it, and if you have watched it you will understand what we can determine the “mood” of the movie.

And these are sad stories, about life and above all about death, lived lightly, not without indifference, nor irony, but rather courage, strength to live and even to smile, even in the darkest moments.

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before you see Don’t make me goTherefore, we must ask ourselves if we have the desire and the strength to watch a movie like this, knowing that it will touch the very intimate chords. If yes, you can continue, otherwise we recommend other “on the road” movies like Who are you traveling with? And the Doctor’s Night.

Rating: 7.5

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