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What do we eat after riding a bike? Science helps us figure it out

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After a pleasant bike ride, it is recommended to eat some food. Let’s see what the science suggests.

The best thing to do to learn how to eat better is to follow the advice that comes from the scientific world. also For those who ride a bike, there are some foods that are better to eat, to avoid deficiency. According to some websites, which are inspired by some articles, sports take a lot of energy, but by eating some products, you can recover better.

Bicycle in the brush and in the sun (AdobeStock)

The very important thing in choosing dishes to eat is personal taste. Well, listen to the metabolic guidelines, but you need foods that make your mouth water anyway. Decision psychology is critical to being able to help, as well as mind and body.

In fact, the head helps a lot in training or on a competitive level. The thoughts that arise during these moments have an even greater boost when you consider whether there will be satisfying meals when the activity is finished. However, in many cases, we only think of energy drinks or pills that, as much as they can help the body, are quite distracting.

What and why do you eat some nutrients after riding a bike

The first thing the body requires after a long physical activity is Restoration of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. Sweating then leads to a loss of fluids and electrolytes, which must be taken up again. In addition, it is necessary to repair and regenerate tissues damaged during physical activity.

boys on bike
Boys cycling (AdobeStock)

The important thing to eat after exercise is i carbohydrates. This helps build muscle glycogen very quickly and significantly. The intake of glucose and sucrose also leads to the resynthesis of glycogen, which is 5-6% per hour. Obviously, you shouldn’t be eating a lot of sugar, but in moderation, eating more sugary products may be supportive.

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After that, it will be decisive Restore fluids and minerals lost within hours of cycling. The tip is 150% volume hydration related to the weight lost while pedaling. Drinking water alone is not the right way. It is better to add a little table salt to improve the portion of retained fluids and reduce the amount of urine.

sugar in a wooden bowl
Some sugar in a wooden bowl and raw blocks (AdobeStock)

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