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Christmas movies, how do they make us feel happy? You may not have noticed

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Have you ever noticed the feeling of well-being you get after watching a Christmas movie? Let’s find out together why they make us feel good.

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In the weeks leading up to the day birthdaywhich is played 24 hours a day on television Movie birthdaylike a romantic comedy set around the Christmas period, is perfect for taking a moment to unwind from everyday problems.

Many people only wait for this period to watch these kinds of comedies that benefit the soul. But Why do these kinds of movies make us feel happy? Let’s find out together.

Why do Christmas movies make us feel good?

Christmas movies are good
Movies with friends – Pixabay –

After you finish watching nice Christmas movieMany people claim that they are attacked by feelings of elation and happiness, but why do you experience these feelings?

Most likely, seeing some romantic scenes will make you reappear Old childhood memories Or the moments when we were so often happy And the happyThus relive the gentle nostalgia of those moments.

Certainly it must be taken into account simplicity Of these films, where everything is simple and Everything is going fineunlike what happens in real life.

This manifestation of simplicity makes us detach from our lives, forgetting for a moment all the related problems that surround us.

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What Christmas movies to see in this period

A good TV Christmas movie
Netflix – Pexels –

If the idea of ​​taking time out to relax, to detach from everyday problems pleases you, you will be able to see a beautiful picture Christmas movie Even today.

Many of them are played on TV and at a wide variety of times, as well as on some streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video. So let’s see some of the most beautiful to see.

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Self Netflix Is the platform on which you want to watch Christmas content, we highly recommend you to watch it “Falling at Christmas” And the “I hate Christmas. on me Amazon Prime Videos However, they are highly rated “I’m Santa Claus”, “Love Doesn’t Go On Holidays” And the “Christmas Wish”.

Disney + Full of Christmas movies and cartoons, that’s why you will be spoiled for choice. For example there is the brilliant classic “Christmas Carol”but also recent films such as “Noella” And the “Sweet Home Alone”.

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