December 2, 2023

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Canada wants to punish the crimes of astronauts

Canada wants to punish the crimes of astronauts

Canada is preparing to punish crimes committed in space or on the moon. Considering its participation in the Artemis program developed by the US (NASA), European (ESA), Japanese (Jaxa) and Canadian (Csa) space agencies, it is, in fact, doing so to land the first woman on the moon. By 2024, the first step in a long-term plan to establish self-sufficiency in a station orbiting between the Moon and Earth, except for the second man. Canada will provide a robotic arm for this future space station, which will be the base for astronauts. In May 2024, a Canadian astronaut will take part in the first flight of the Artemis project around the moon.

Therefore, in view of the future, the Canadian government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to modify its penal code to prosecute astronauts who commit crimes in space and on the moon, extending its jurisdiction beyond national borders to prosecute any crime in orbit or orbit. Lunar surface as they promised in the Canadian federal state. This was made clear in a resolution approved by the Canadian delegation on April 28. The amendment in question states that “a member of the Canadian team who committed an act or mistake outside of Canada while on a space flight would be a punishable offense in Canada if he or she committed such an act or omission in Canada.” They can also be prosecuted if they cause harm to life and safety.

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