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Weekend sports, chess, handball, soccer…..

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chess Lillipetana Scacci participated in the 53rd Italian Tag Team Championship in Taormina. The company dear to President Cerame presented itself with 5 teams for a total of twenty players, and maintained a mid-table position for the duration of the tournament. It is worth noting Ricardo Darba, Marco Parinello, Federica Montalto, the champion Lillipitana, who made her debut in the second division and candidate Maestro Pietro Savala, the real engine of the second division who was leading the team with three and a half points. , without suffering any defeat.

Shooting Andrea Elgna of Marsala is the 2022 regional champion in the mixed team category. Alagna reached this prestigious achievement after ten years of competitive activity with the Diamond Archery Sports Club in Palermo. Among the ranks of the same club and coach by Guglielmo Fuchsova, we find the bronze medalist at the Paralympics from Tokyo and the silver medalist at the Dubai World Championships, Maria Andrea Virgilio (pictured), from Trapani and the sporting pride of our land.

Handball A1 For the third day of the tournament, AC Life Style Handball Erice visited Jomi Salerno who tops the merit list earned on the pitch. The 31-25 game says a lot about how much coach Kokuka has exposed Harbis in this tough game. Larsen is top scorer with 9 goals, followed by Margokj with 8. The leader of the standings alone is Jomi Salerno with 6 points, followed by Handball Erice with 4 in coexistence with four other teams. Next round is Saturday 08/10 at home against Ariosto Ferrara.

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A2 Basketball After being defeated at home by Canto, in a touching match, the Parente Bombers leave the Super Cup and thus lose the chance to play the prestigious fourth final. The bitter result, 72-74 for the guests who, after a good game and not sure of the outcome until the end, allows the Trapani people to look forward to the future of the season with confidence. The first home match in the league is on 10/02 against Fortitudo Agrigento.

B1 . volleyball GesanCom Fly Volley Marsala’s second Test match which goes to Terrasini against an opponent who was outdone two seasons ago in B2 and who played as champions last season in B1. There are still good feelings for coach Piero Camiolo who resumed the sixth start of the first test match against Caffe Trinca Palermo, always changing it during the race. The mechanics requested by the coach from Roma / Catania begin to work and he begins to test the schemes by finding good solutions in attack.

C1 Futsal On Wednesday 28th at 8.45pm Marsala Futsal 2012 will take place at Palazzetto San Carlo in Marsala for the second day of the Coppa Italia. For the occasion, the guests will be Mazara Islands Futsal, a particularly palpable derby between two strong teams, both of whom are leaders in the league with 9 points. The match, in addition to being important for the continuation of the cup, will provide the coaches with interesting ideas for a better understanding at the point of preparation for the two squads.

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Futsal C2 The city of Marsala, after a convincing 6-9 victory in the first tournament of the championship away to Agrigento, on Saturday 1 October at 17.30 will play at home, at Campi Fernandez, against San Gregorio Papa, a match that was already on the second day, could be It indicates the path that the young Lilibetan formation will be able to follow in this challenging tournament.

football d Trapani owns a squad worth 1,770,000 euros. A list approved by Transfermarket which places the grenade company second in this particular ranking after Catania Reborn. In fact, it exceeds even the powerful and highly rated Lamezia Terme by about 200 thousand euros. This, however, passed the capital fans for losing 0-0 at home against Mariglianes on day one. The next match is Wednesday 28th September in Lockry, the sly team that won their first away game.

Excellence in football: The electoral waiting week for the two Mazarian formations. The next meeting is on Sunday 2 October, Mazara at home against Pro Favara and Mazarese outside Leonforte Stadium.

football promotion The new purchases promised by new owner Ettore Minore were to be expected, and instead we record the previous move for itself at the same time as the failure to send the bank transfer that would have penalized the transfer of ownership. The diversion that should have come from Hong Kong and due to a misunderstanding in the address, never reached its destination. The telenovela continues, in the meantime, the next match will take place on Sunday 2 October, possibly in the municipality, against Petrosino Mr. Ingargiola. The election break gives a few days of time to the company that has returned from temporarily pro-president Enzo Domingo who we know has been active in trying to strike a deal with an always interested potential buyer.

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Football Class 1 After a beautiful victory at home against Alcamo, Mr. Perricone wants Primavera Marsala to play a leading role in this tournament and is well prepared for the match on Sunday 2 October where they will face the treacherous Salmi.

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