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Calcio Monza, Palladino: “Lightness and self-esteem to annoy everyone. Inter? Almost impossible”

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to me The first drawing From his red and white experience Mr. Raffaele Palladino He chose the “Franchi” stadium in Florence. 2023 presented itself with an open and uphill challenge between Florence and Brianza, with the former dominating the initial part and vastly favoring the latter in the second half. However, there are different levels of interpretation under the compositional title of “Fair Draw” that accompanies the final score.

My fault

I take responsibility for the first half. You made some wrong readings and it put the team in difficulty. I apologized to the players who played in the first half..

Rafael Palladino doesn’t mince words to judge his team’s first half. The red and white coach is concise and even precise when he talks about his picks, emphasizing that he owns one Intellectual honesty is admirable And professional. In a football system in which disclaimers and offender-hunting often take precedence over the sporting side, The coach from Campania frankly admitted that “he was wrong”.. Indeed, in the post-match press conference, he admitted that “We were lucky to finish the first half with a two-goal lead“.

Palladino’s merits are not limited to his late-match stances. In the interval, the coach took the precautions that proved effective, rebuilding the left chain – which was conceding so much to the Dodo – Ikone Duo – and expanding Mota and Ciurria in the role of attacking flankers: that’s how you deserve a tie for fourth place this season by Carlos Augusto Increasingly decisive in the goal area.

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The most pessimistic would be able to complain about the lack of success by compensating Petagna for the failed opportunity, but Monza returns from Florence with the proverbial glass more than half full. Without players of the caliber of Sensei and Rovela, Pessina and company slipped, interacted, and almost turned a challenge against a noble opponent of indisputable value, once again confirming that they are on the right track. The right path to growth and maturity.

Next turn

Baldino again from Franchi’s press room.Likely I don’t even realize what we’re doing. I always look at us, never the standings, never the results, trying to improve day by day. Inter? An almost impossible match, but with lightness and self-confidence we can upset all teams.”

If Monza returns from Florence with a good dose of self-respect, the following red-and-white opponents have had a treble: Dzeko’s punch causes first defeat in the league against Napoli And it brings neroazzurri to -8 from the Neapolitans and -3 from its Rossoneri cousins, currently second in the ranking.

The prediction on paper is all for the guests, who “only” has to win to keep the Scudetto dream alive. However, different reasons will affect the match: Both teams are expected to have a month of close commitments, so it is reasonable to expect changes in both line-ups compared to the round just ended. Motivators are high on both sides: aThe desire to get back to fighting at the top for Milanese will counter Brianza’s expectations For a Lombard derby that has never been seen in the first division This makes all fans dream. Another few hours of patience: 2023 red and white is just beginning!

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