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Batgirl Dead Movie: Warner Bros. Drops DC Motion Picture with Leslie Grace and Michael Keaton | Cinema

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Like a thunderbolt out of the blue, Warner Bros Discovery announced that it no longer wanted the film to be distributed in theaters or live. bat girlwhose production is almost complete.

This news came after rumors that chased some of them yesterday evening and also covered them Scoop!: Holiday HuntAn animated movie about Scooby-Doo with a budget of 40 million dollars.

Then the studio broke the news with the following official statement:

The decision not to release Batgirl reflects a strategic change in management related to DC Universe and HBO Max. Leslie Grace is an incredibly talented actress and this decision does not reflect her performance. We are incredibly grateful to the managers bat girl Based on Scoop! Holiday Hunt and their team and hope to cooperate with everyone again in the future.

$75 million movie post-production (later raised to 90 due to Covid-19) directed by Bilal Falah And the Adel Al Arabi (managers Bad boys for life And the first and last episode of Mrs. Marvel) Almost completed.

Initially made specifically for HBO Max, bat girl It could have made it to the cinema because the studio had recently weighed the idea of ​​a theatrical release, but in the end the major felt that the movie wasn’t the “big cinematic event” that every DC movie should be, the new management wishes.

Article by diverseaccording to what he found the film neither big enough to be worthy of a theatrical release (and thus would have required millions upon millions to grow in the ratios between additional filming and marketing) nor small enough to have commercial value in an increasingly stifled flowing landscape.

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releasing the film on HBO Max would have been a better solution in this vein, but sources in the paper argue that the move to trash was due to the intent to target Reducing the value of taxes To recover some of the costs and attribute the causes to the consequences of the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.

However, devaluation will make it impossible for Warner Bros. monetization of the project, which limits the possibility that sooner or later the film will end on HBO Max.

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