June 10, 2023

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Lionhead Studios closing error – Nerd4.life

to close Lionhead Studios It was Error: Microsoft He admitted it several years after what happened to the team of authors myth, through the mouths of some Redmond executives.

Shannon Loftis, general manager of Global Games Publishing at the time, said closing Lionhead Studios in 2016 was a wrong move. We released the first fable and it was Success, but people still wanted some and that’s why we bought Lionhead.”

However, after the arrival of Fable 2 Kinect And the marriage between the series and the device never took place, Loftis continued. So there was Fable: The Journey, a project that was driven by the passion of many people but which in my opinion deviated in an important way from the elements that made the original episodes so popular.”

“We acquired Lionhead in 2006 and closed it in 2016,” said Sarah Bond, head of game creator experiences and the Xbox ecosystem instead. “After two years we stopped thinking about that experience: what we learned How do we avoid repeating the same mistakes?

Phil Spencer responded to the question, saying, “When you buy a studio based on what they do best, your job is to help them speed up the way they do it, not make it their own. To help you.”

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