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Football Promotion: Novafeltria, Return of the Heart. Asar flipped in the final (2-1)

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Novafiltria – Asar 2-1

Novafiltria: Andriani, Bavani (28′ Amadi Street), Sartini, Mahmudaj (14′ St Crocianni), Somahin, Capello, Nyang, Baldinini, Rizzo (4′ St Vivo), Poshti (46′ Colonna Street), Toromani (14′ St roots).
On the bench: Capella, Albino, Frihat, Bindi.
Georgian herds.
ASAR: Morey, Mackerelli, Fattori, Siste (26′ Sant Ciavatini), Franchi, Sugos (46′ Sant’Antoni), Angelini (37′ Sant Abate), Sparavente, Alberto (13′ Sant Guaira), Marchiona, Zani (19 min. (Saint Manconi).
On the bench: Prioli, Bacchini, Baig, Dituri.

Fanny herds.

Referee: Donati of Cesena.
Grids: 31′ st Marchionna, 38′ st Baldinini, 42′ st Radici.
Ammonites: Franchi, Capello, Crociani, Ciafata, Abate, Morey.
Notes: retrieve 1′ pt, 5′ st, corner 5-1.

Bucket Novaveltria wins over three very heavy points as a means of salvation, and adjusts Asar 2-1, who has won his last three away games with two wins and a draw. Three points, for the sons of Giorgi, who arrived at the end of a hot match in the last quarter of the hour, with three goals, and the yellow and blue could have lived with less worries, and made two exciting chances. Sartini’s first shot on goal in the 12th minute was saved by Mori with a high fist without problems. At 14′ Sisti enters the opponent’s area from the left, looking for a triangle, closed crosswise by a Novaveltria defender; Half the height of the right midfielder ends at the side. Asar becomes dangerous in the 27th minute with a free kick from specialist Marchiona: the left crosses the barrier, but ends on the side. Boschetti’s free kick for half an hour from the right trocar, the playmaker sent Niang to the edge of the area, good standing, but his right-footed shot does not create problems for Morey, eager to block his left. At 35′ nyang in the opponent’s area avoids Angelini and returns to the right for the cross, Boschetti looks in the corner away from the bank, and finds Zanni’s aberration: the locals demand a penalty for handball. Novaveltria wasted a great opportunity in the 43rd minute, when Bavani was very good at freeing himself in slalom in the area on the right, a low shot in the middle for Niang’s classic high-movement penalty. In the second half, Giorgi tried to modify the cards in the attack, introducing Vivo and Radici, but there are no substantive occasions. Instead, Asar took the lead in the 76th minute thanks to a free kick from the usual Marchiona: the ball, kicked from the left, rose a few centimeters, found a hole in the barrier and slipped nonstop at the edge of the column, to the left of Andriani blameless. Novaveltria could equalize in the 81st minute: Baldini climbs a header for Vivo who expands the right to Boschetti, a perfect cross to close the triangle and a header from Vivo to the side of the mustache. The yellow and blue equalizer comes two minutes later: a free kick in the area, Amadei’s superb header, and Aldenini wets the debut with a comfortable shot. It’s not over: in the 87th minute Vivo intercepted the ball, Niang freed himself and got into a vertical position for Radici, very good at controlling by steering to the right, keeping two defenders out of play. The attacker opens a highway which he exploits with a powerful blow on Mori’s desperate exit. Novafiltria at 23 points, +6 on Asar, the first team in the band.

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