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Dr. Dre will be working on the soundtrack, according to Snoop Dogg –

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It sounds unbelievable but it seems to be one of the most probable rumors about GTA 6 It did not come without Snoop Dogg. According to the rapper artist Dr. Dre It will work on the soundtrack for the new GTA.

The statement came out blank in an interview with Rolling Stone, in which Snoop Dogg first stated that Dr. Dre was working on new music, and then specified that he was not composing a new album, but the soundtrack for the new GTA.

Dr. Dre in the picture

Snoop Dogg: “I know he’s in the studio and I know he’s composing some great music. And some of his music is related to the upcoming GTA game. So I think his music will be released this way, via the new GTA.

Rolling Stone called him, rock games He declined to comment on Snoop Dogg’s words. Therefore, he neither confirmed nor denied the news, as usual. Dr. Dre and his representatives also did not comment. Perhaps, in the event that the rapper was already working on GTA 6, he could remain secretive on the project, so naturally he did not say anything.

For the rest, GTA 6 is still a big mystery. Everyone knows that it is under development, there are countless rumors about it, but so far almost nothing is known about who is responsible.

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