Home World We heard a loud bang.

We heard a loud bang.

We heard a loud bang.

a an airport subordinate UAE He traveled with a hole in the fuselage for 14 hours. started from Dubai was heading to Brisbanein Australia. Passengers were terrified, they heard a “loud bang” after takeoff. An eyewitness said Postman “The flight crew remained calm, cut off the food service and called the phone to check on the wings and engines,” he said.

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Emirates plane

The frightening noise was caused by a loose lightning bolt that tore part of an Airbus A380 as vacationers returned to Brisbane on Saturday (July 2). The accident occurred 45 minutes after A . took off Dubai. According to reports, travelers could hear the noise through the ground. But he did not give any explanation for the cause of this problem. Only after completing the 14-hour journey was he told why.

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“Before landing, we were told we had to land on another runway and an engineer checked the plane for a suspect. Trolley problemAn Emirates spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that the plane would remain under repair. They said our flight EK430 from Dubai to Brisbane on the 1st of July had a technical failure during the flight. All passengers disembarked as planned. The aircraft will remain in Brisbane for evaluation and repair. “The safety of our passengers and crew has always been our top priority.”


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