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Talking about Ampère Engineering and DLSS 2.2 –

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Nintendo Switch Pro, or the Nintendo Switch 2, of data stolen from Nvidia in the past few hours. Talking about architecture Ampere and support Ray tracing and DLSS 2.2. More precisely, the leak talks about “nvn2” as a graphics API for the new version of the console.

Reporting the information was Modder Nikki, well-known in the Nintendo Switch scene, who also revealed how the data goes back to 2019, a sign according to them that the Nintendo Switch Pro has been expected over the past years, but it was. Delayedperhaps due to the massive success of the Nintendo Switch, which advised the company to slow down technologically.

Of course, this is stolen information, so it should be taken as such. However, it must be remembered that all the leaked news of old data thefts that Nvidia suffered have proven to be well-founded and confirmed over time. After all, what reason would such a giant have to write fake documents for internal use?

In fact, this leak partially confirms the goodness of old rumors of the Nintendo Switch Pro, which up to a certain point should be in Nintendo’s plans, only to be set aside or, simply put, put off, in favor of the more moderate Nintendo Switch OLED. ..

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