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Is Denis Villeneuve’s movie based on a true story?

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Denis Villeneuve’s famous film, although it seems to be rooted in reality, is a completely invented story and combines different suggestions.

prisoners It is a movie directed by Denis Villeneuve (dunesAnd Blade Runner 2049), a Canadian master of science fiction but who, over the course of his career, has provided evidence of his ability to direct projects of various genres. Especially the movie that was made at the beginning Brian Singer (Operation Valkyrie, X-Men) directed by Mark Wahlberg And Christian Bale As principal performers, it was then made into the final version starring the father of the family Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) and the Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal).

prisonersin particular, to Lucca Comics and Games on November 1, 2013, officially arriving in Italian cinemas on November 7 of the same year. A very violent story in which a father, seeing his daughter’s kidnapping, completely loses his mind and kidnaps what he believes is responsible for the act. Although the themes we see in the film are common to many well-known news stories, it is surprising to discover that the plot is actually quite original.

prisoners Based on a short story by Aaron Guzikowski

Prisoners - cinematography

go more specifically, prisonersIt actually has a solid source of its origin, but it is not inspired by real events. The same screenwriter of the feature film, Aaron Guzikowski (red roadAnd raised by wolves), in fact, wrote A short story who provided the main ideas for making the movie. The text ad, dated 2007, was sold Hollywood Almost immediately, but ended up in endless production hell that didn’t collapse until several years later. The story in question, as revealed by the author talking about it A father hit his son with a driver and then hid him in a well in his backyard.. This opener was apparently completely changed, as the feature film instead saw a suspected kidnapper imprisoned by the father of one of the missing children.

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Beyond this reference, if you look closely at the history, it’s clear prisoners He could actually recall several news stories about the kidnappings at the center, but the screenwriter wanted to make it clear, in an interview with The New York Times, that the inspiration doesn’t come from reality. “Nothing in the news inspired me, and then as I was writing this I was hearing about these cases, and they seemed eerily reminiscent of what I was doing.” So, in an original and unexpected way, the story behind the project is so realistic and believable that one can think of a connection to a reality that, however, apparently does not exist.

prisoners and a famous short story by Edgar Allan Poe

Prisoners - cinematography

Furthermore it prisonersMoreover, it also contains a short and subtle tie-in to one of the most famous tales of the master of suspense Edgar Allan Poe, who invented, in the nineteenth century, the horror literature and the detective story entirely, although at that time it was not understood by the public and critics of the time. However, we refer in detail to the story of 1843 Saying from the heart (Translated into Italian as detector heart). In the text, a man kills his roommate and after dismembering the corpse, hides the various pieces under the floorboards of his house. This is reminiscent of what happens in the movie, where the kidnappers hid the children in an underground hole under the yard.

But the signs, apparently, do not end there. inside detector heart, the narrator is being questioned by the agents because the neighbors have heard the sounds of a struggle. As the interrogation progresses, the killer becomes increasingly nervous as he hears the victim’s heart beating from under the floorboards and this leads him to confess his heinous crime. There is a similar moment in the movie as well, when Hugh Jackman’s character is in a hole after confronting an opponent. The police arrive and dig in, not understanding where the body is hiding. However, Detective Loki turns back, as he actually hears a mysterious whistle coming from the crater, before the film cuts to black, closing the story for good. what I say? It is really interesting to discover that different suggestions derive from the most disparate worlds even if they have one thing in common: they do not come from the realities of everyday life.

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