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We begin with “Corbie”, the author’s lessons from mythology at Spazio-

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From Francesco Giamberton

The publishing house launched the project in which four authors reject the same theme: the first series on corpses talks about monsters, art, Greek mythology and space. Exclusively for subscribers, 1 episode per week. In the fall of the second series: “Impero”.

Must listen to the author’s lessons audio notationwith portions of 50 minutes One, each with a different author, which will later become books within the “i Solferini” series: the project starts today
From the publishing house Solferinoedited by the historical publication Alessandro Fanoli. It will be published every year two single series, where four different authors reject the same subject, as in the ideal academic path. Each author will make an episode of the series, and each episode will become a book in bookstores starting next fall. Today is leaving
first series
exclusively on .’s website Corriere della Sera for subscribers
And from September on major podcast platforms: It’s called
It is a set of “Stories and Reflections on the Body in History, Art, Literature, and … in Space”.

(Below the trailer, here’s the full series)

The first episode released today (subscribers can listen to it here) signed by Lecia Troisione of the most famous Italian authors of fantasy novels: called Her Ring “Monster Science” and treats “The Tale of Little Monsters Between Dreams and Nightmares”. About the way they “talk about us,” and how “by embodying what we fear and what terrifies us, they confront us, as in a mirror, with our own weaknesses, with the fear we have of the judgment of others, with doubts and prejudices.” It is through these difficulties that help us grow.

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The second episode, which can be listened to from Thursday, July 28, is curated by the professor of modern art history and writer Tommaso Montanari. In the audio lesson Winners and winners It tells of the bodies of the marginal, the excluded, the vanquished, versus the bodies of the victors, in artistic expression. From Giotto to me MichelangeloFrom Caravaggio to me BerniniFrom fourth at work it William Kentridge Dedicated to torture corpse Aldo Moroin the track “helps to read our past but also the dramatic present of the weakest, of war and its victims”.

In the third episode, the Latin and Greek worlds Laura Baby lead us there “Achilles’ Choice”a journey into the Greek myth between hero body and that from subordinate; Immersion between stories and archetypes that revolve around the question “How to become immortal?”. Until the fourth and final episode, “The Body and the Stars”Which is the astronaut? Luca Parmitano He relives the lessons he learned, in his experiences away from Earthon the amazing device that is our body, through nutrition and training, take-off and return, spacewalks and research on the International Space Station.

The second series of the project will be released next fall “academy”authorized “empire”. journalist Giovanna Pancherihistorian of antiquity right to trollingclerk Andrea Tarabya Professor of International Relations in East Asia Giovanni Andornino They will tell about the great empires of all ages: American, Roman, Russian and Chinese. A topic made more topical by the recent geopolitical turmoil which, by audio notationwe will be able to discover something about the past to better understand the era in which we live.

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