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Terzic elbows in search of space. But there is an exhausting presence that must be undermined

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ability to play Conference League Give more than one chance to Alexa Terzic to show. The left-handed born in ’99 seems to be growing compared to the past few seasons and working on getting more and more space. The Serb also gained a place in the right-wing hierarchy, where he was able, even if against the tide, to discreetly disengage himself. Fast, dynamic and daring, the player who grew up in red star In Europe, he can enjoy more freedom, meters of playing field and less attention on the defensive stage. This is allowed Terzic To challenge good evidence against Harz and Basaksehir.

It is now standardized as a placeholder-BiraghiThe Belgrade-born player is trying to put the Italian master in trouble, but it will not be easy to undermine the role player. Biraghi he is a leader Fiorentina And one of the longest-lived players on the team and as an experiment in purple. Terzic However, he has shown some progress during games and the goal of putting in a better performance than last year’s 15 season games is far from looking at the 10 icons the purple full-back has already made. There is still something missing at the tactical and defensive level for the southern Serbian to be able to achieve more continuity in purple but the feeling is that the path is the right path. The player’s contract will expire in 2024 and it will soon be time for the parties to meet and discuss the future.

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