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Tires for GPs in Azerbaijan, Canada and Great Britain

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Before one of the most anticipated events of the season, valuable Monaco G.P.Pirelli is already thinking about the future Compounds used in the next three races. Definitely aggressive choices for positions in Azerbaijan and Canada, for a meeting with the British GP in Silverstone, we will return to the Latin hard mixes already used this year in Bahrain and Spain.

F1 2022: Pirelli soft tires

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C5 Heroes Already heroes in Monte Carlo, Pirelli Latin soft tires, C5 Soft will be in the next two stages At the 2022 World Cup, using city asphalt, C3 and C5 were white, indicating that the tires were historically the softest, hardest combination, with no bad grip on both Baku and Montreal. However, as mentioned, the severity of the silverstone can lead to P Tunga delivering harder tires, while C1 Heart, C2 Medium and C3 become softer. Below is a summary table of Pirelli exams.

Pirelli, tires selected for the 2022 F1 GP

Grand Prix Round Difficult Middle Smooth
Bahrain GP Zakir C1 C2 C3
Saudi Arabia’s GP Jeddah C2 C3 C4
GB Australia Melbourne C2 C3 C5
Emilia-Romagna G.P. Imola C2 C3 C4
GB Miami You like me C2 C3 C4
GP Spain Barcelona C1 C2 C3
Monaco G.P. Montecarlo C3 C4 C5
Azerbaijan G.P. பாகு C3 C4 C5
Canadian GP Montreal C3 C4 C5
Great Britain GP Silverstone C1 C2 C3

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