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Kovit, a plant-based vaccine approved in Canada

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It is called “Govifence” and is the first anti-Govt vaccine to use plant-based protein technology. It was developed and developed by Medicaco, a Quebec-based biopharmaceutical company. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and in recent days it has been officially approved by the Canadian Department of Health for adults between the ages of 18 and 64. “After a complete and independent scientific analysis of the data, the vaccine meets the stringent requirements for safety, efficacy and quality and the benefits of this vaccine outweigh the potential risks,” the department said. Press release Spread online.

Properties of the vaccine


Covit vaccine: Data and maps of administrations in Italy

As mentioned, this is the first Govt-19 vaccine approved and developed by a Canadian company and the first vaccine to use plant-based protein technology. The new product is, in fact, a vaccine containing pseudovirus particles: that is, it reproduces the external structure of the virus, without its replication and the genetic material responsible for infection. What is special is that it is produced by specially infected plants to create virus particles. Medicago’s “Govifence”, the Canadian government, further states that the two-dose regimen of 3.75 micrograms per day will be administered at 21-day intervals. In clinical trials, the vaccine was found to be 71% effective against symptomatic infections and 100% effective against acute infections caused by Govt. “Clinical studies of Govifense have shown efficacy against delta and gamma variants, and the data suggest efficacy against alpha, lambda, and Mu variants.

Expert opinions

“The approval of our Govt-19 vaccine represents a significant milestone for Canada in the fight against the epidemic. We appreciate the timely review of the Canadian Ministry, ”said Takashi Nago, President and Chief Executive Officer of Medico. “We are also grateful for the support of the Canadian government in developing this new vaccine and to produce the quantities needed to begin implementing the agreement,” he reiterated. “Reversing the decline facing the Canadian biofuel industry is one of our government’s top priorities, and we are pleased to see the Medico vaccine approved. This is a significant time for Canadian biotech industry and local innovation. We will continue to support companies that want to produce vaccines in Canada and join the growing national biotechnology industry, ”said Franசois-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

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