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The finest types of flour cost less than one euro

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The survey conducted by the Italian Consumer Association, which put together a ranking of the best flour to buy.

Obviously, the first thing we look for when shopping is quality. The first thing not to be missed is even before the reasonable prices. And for this, we often look for suggestions, right on the web. Meanwhile, did you know it in the supermarket You will not find these products anymore?

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In fact, unless we are really good at recognizing the best price-quality according to the labels, it is always good to trust those who rate everything, and practically also for us like the tests we find. Recently, Post consumption Care to go find what it could be Farina The best for consumers.

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Flour to buy, according to a survey

Hence, the Italian Consumers Association that has already prepared a list Three best supermarkets Existing in the country, it examined different products in the same sector, for brands of flour production. And let’s understand, if we want to make some delicious pizza at home or maybe make dessert, what flour should be used so that you will not be disappointed.

Among other things, it will be a relief for price-gatherers to know that what the reliable research firm says is not very expensively accurate. Obviously, our main purpose, when we buy a bag, is to use it in the kitchen, but for example, this basic ingredient can also be used to replace baking paper, in the preparation of certain recipes.

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But let us pay attention to this point. Who chose Altroconsumo to be the exact giver? Soft Wheat Flour ‘0’ Manitoba, which we will find in Coop. As we said, the price is also decent, but this is just a case. One kilo, it is currently sold for 0.99 euros. However, this is not a factor to be taken into account, so let’s trust the quality, as factors such as proteins, yield in processing and in the cooked product have been considered. Therefore, for less than a euro we can get a good product, but if we prefer something else, the advice also applies to the Kabuto pizzeria soft wheat flour type ’00’. The other two recommended are: Almaverde bio Organic soft wheat flour ‘0’, and kunad towards nature bio e Soft wheat flour type ’00’.

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