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Fake mosque in military training camp, Canada. This is controversial

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Controversy erupts over Muslim community after discovery of National Armed Forces military base in CanadaFake mosque“Used in training phases of soldiers. A fake place of worship was recently discovered inside the training camp. Canadian Forces Base Saffield, In the western province of Alberta. To find Installation Mahmoud Moura is a Canadian citizen of Lebanese descent.

While hunting in the meadows of southern Alberta, Maura suddenly saw in front of him a familiar building, actually a mosque, but erected in a completely unusual and disrespectful place for such a building: a training ground for troops. Ottawa Army. So the citizen of Middle Eastern descent was shocked to see that pseudo-religious center and recently expressed his anger on the microphones of the Canadian media, accusing the federal government of failing. Respect To the sacred symbol of the Muslim religion.

Mustafa Farooq, a representative of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, later joined Maura’s denunciation, shouting that he had taken his note from the scandal of the fake mosque rebuilt on the site.Dominance Creeping white“Ottawa Army lineup. Farooq then knocked:”Such a mosque is very disturbing if you think it exists on any military base. We know this is a British installation, but as far as we know similar buildings and facades have been erected on other sites in Canada.“.

Driven by controversy, federal officials in Canada finally shed light on the operation carried out by that fake mosque in the CFB field. The Department of Homeland Security, through its spokesman, has clarified that the fake place of worship was actually built by members of the British Armed Forces who are allowed to use the site in Alberta for training. London soldiers are said to have set up a criminal mosque in 2006 as part of a simulated village to carry out war operations.

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That should be the reason for the decision to build the fake mosque, the same spokesman said, for the need to simulate the battle scenes in an environment where soldiers can find themselves, and as a result, how many false constructions there must be. Possible. Is realistic, allowing players to fully understand all the contexts they may encounter in a task. However, the Department of Defense stated that the British Army would be ready Remove Soon the village where the mosque of conflict will be and in its place, a new training scene will have to be rebuilt.

Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand finally commented directly on the matter. You stressed the need for the country’s institutions to be a deterrent to Islamophobia, and may affect the sensitivity of all religious believers before making such decisions as building a fake mosque on a military base.

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