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Volleyball – Italy had a good start and beat Canada 3-0: Giannelli perfect, lots of walls and great defense

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First of all, it is good to write it down. l’Italwolli By Fefe de Giorgi beat Canada 3-0 In the first race of the 2022 World Cup and this World Championship starts off on the right foot. Azzurri for two sets They are in practice Correct: Good batting rounds, basic, good blocking work (14 at the end of the match) and a Simone Giannelli is always right In distribution of the game. The 3rd set is more complex. entrance Stephen Timothy mar Coach Josephson and Italvoli completely changed the face of Canada blackout.
However, the pride of the Azzurro team emerges, with the ability to compensate A phase of ups and downsMake up for the series of errors from nine meters with Super job by Fabio Palazzo Welcome and regular attack chorus. A positive start for Italy with a lot of room for improvement: The European Championship won a year ago gave the Azzurri a lot of awareness, but the margins for growth are clear. 18 points (4 walls) to Daniel Lavia, 11 each Gianluca Galassi (4 Walls) and Alessandro Michieletto.

Giannelli: “This is my Italy. Humility and determination at the World Cup”

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An Italy was expected to be more attentive to the blackouts that took over it during the final stages of the VNL, at least for two sets, as it turned out. The Azzurri will start well, too Galassi-Russo pair In the center and Simone Anzani Born in 1997 – an election banning the ownership of the Perugia power station, following the confirmation plants of the Azzurro team. The Location 2 Works very well Yuri Romano (13 points) Always outreaches to play into the loose arms of the Canadian wall and, if possible, land “nails” at impressive speeds. The 25-13 in the 1st set It was almost a practice run for the team coached by Fefe Di Giorgi, as Canada offered plenty from the nine-metre – 15 wrong lines And very little continuity, at least in the first two parts of the game – and can’t find the reference points of the attack, which is capable of unraveling. A perfect Italian wall. In the basic network, Italy is devastating: important readings, intellectual options in the center and great peace, even in triple action, Galassi factor More than positive. Without fixing anything, Azzurri repeated the initial set 25-18 It leaves very little room for imagination even in performance 2nd Collection. Romano thunderbolts alter attacks on walls Fast game in the center Guarantees points and entertainment, while in seat 4 Lavia and Micheletto take turns guaranteeing Giannelli always full guns blazing. It looks like 3-0 as written, and Mar e is on the bench with no opposition from Canada Captain Nicholas HokePerhaps inexplicably.

In 3rd collection Coach Josephson has nothing to lose, however, because parts of the first two are so obvious that you should find something to think about. Fight for 2nd place In Pool E, the Azzurri candidates will take first place and, without leaving any set for their opponents. So Mar and come off the bench Central Lucas van Bergl: The first brings the attack to life completely, the second takes the action to Romano and almost takes him out of the game, because Gianelli, the opposite owner of Italvoli, cannot put the ball on the floor when questioned. Our captain relied on the quick play of Galassi and Russo, as well as finding the touches and walls used by someone who would attest to them – as if they needed more! – L’Universality in TaraFlex. However, Italy conceded too much, failing several returns of serve and trailing for a good part of the set. On that day 23-20 It seems to be over now but, once again Darkness becomes the first enemy And the set becomes a tie, match-points for both teams. Coach Di Giorgi should do this, because by extending a package in this way you can certainly win against 14 teams in the world rankings, but not against candidates for the podium. It’s a great introduction to Italian volleyball discovering the Taraflex of the Arena Stocis in Ljubljana. Monday, August 29 2022, forever 9.15 pm Italians but against one Turkey A 3-0 win over China in their Group E opener.

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Competition report

Italy 3-0 Canada (25-13; 25-18; 39-37)

  • Italy: Pinali ne, Recine, Michieletto 11, Giannelli 4, Balaso (L), Sbertoli, Bottolo ne, Galassi 11, Lavia 18, RomanĂ² 13, Anzani ne, Russo 6, Scanferla (L) ne, Mosca ne connection. D. Giorgi.
  • Canada: Epp, Hoag, Loeppky 3, Maar 6, Walsh ne, Sclater 12, Eshenko ne, Van Berkel 4, Barnes 5, Hofer, Szwarc 6, Howe 4, Marshall (L), Elser (L) ne connection. Josephson.

Palazzo: “All the secrets of free. To perform well in the World Cup”

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