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Canada Thirty million dollars in support of Native Survivors

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The announcement came from the Bishops of Canada. The figure is designed to support healing and reconciliation efforts for victims of residential schools across the country. “Walking on the path of hope with the indigenous people of this soil” is a “definite expression,” the deans write in a statement.

Francesca Sabadinelli – Vatican City

A joint funding commitment at the national level, through which we can connect with a variety of initiatives, healings and reconciliation for the children of Native people in Canada, their families and survivors involved in residential schools in their community. The bishops of Canada say in a statement that they are “a firm expression of their desire to walk the path of faith with the indigenous people of this soil.”

$ 30 million in five years

With a goal of $ 30 million over five years, the program will involve initiatives in every region of the country, especially churches across Canada, to encourage and expand the effort. Bishop Raymond Poison expressed hope that these efforts could support significant projects across Canada and make a significant difference in addressing the shock caused by the historic and current, residential school system.

There is still a lot to do to heal

“When the Bishops of Canada met at the full meeting last week – in the words of Bishop Poison – there was a consensus that Catholic institutions should do more and more in the face of the suffering they experience in schools. Dedicated support will support projects and actions, and ensure the resources needed to help them recover.

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Unite on the path of hope

Funding for the projects will be determined region-wise, in consultation with the first countries in each region, the Medes and the Inuit people. The Bishops of Canada will be responsible for formulating national policies and strategies, timelines and public relations for these joint ventures. Bishop William McGrathon stressed the importance of working with indigenous peoples on local goals, time and funding. “Bishops of Canada – guided by the policy of not talking about indigenous peoples. To this end, ongoing negotiations with local leadership will help find the most viable plans,” he added. We hope to learn to walk together, wherever we can, through relationships, searching for relationships and collaborating. ”

September 30, the first National Day for Victims

Report of the Conference of Canadian Bishops following the National Amnesty issued by the Bishops on Friday, September 24th and September 30th, just days before the first National Truth and Reconciliation Day for Survivors in Missing Children and Residential Schools. In recent months, more than a thousand anonymous graves with the remains of tribal children have been found near residential schools, i.e. schools established by the Canadian government in the late 19th century and handed over to local Christian churches, including Catholic churches. It is estimated that at least 4,000 of these children and adolescents died in about 80 years from disease, hunger, and cold.

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