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Feedback on the price is very negative – Nerd4.life

Feedback on the price is very negative – Nerd4.life

The price from the scenes PlayStation VR2 Many were welcomed Doubt, in particular by some analysts who expect great difficulties for new players in the market. Effective way 599.99 € It’s not quite an accessible number, considering it’s higher than what’s necessary to buy a new PS5.

It must be said that from a technological point of view it seems to be worth the price that it costs, but it is a really relative consideration, considering that in any case we are talking about a market that is already in its niche.

analyst Daniel Ahmedbetter known as ZhugeEX, summed up the situation with a joke:

“After buying my PSVR2 headset, I’m going into a virtual reality where I’ll convince myself I didn’t pay much for it.” Although it’s self-referential, the joke makes us understand how expensive PSVR2 can be for many people, to the point that even some of those who buy it will have to convince themselves they’ve done a good job.

NPD Analyzer Matt Piscatella He was less prominent when commenting on Sony’s announcement, but still hinted that he doesn’t believe much in the success of PSVR2:

“The original PSVR headset launched at a little lower price (inflation probably higher than this) with a limited amount of games like PSVR2 and you haven’t been able to get a double digit attach rate on PS4. I expect it to happen. Same thing. We’ll see.” “

Analyst Benjii Sales also finds PSVR 2 difficult to succeed.

“To be honest, with this price it seems like a huge challenge to make it work. You need a really expensive console of its own to run, the price is high and it will be launched in a period of great economic uncertainty. We will see how it goes, but I see hard.”


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