September 22, 2023

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Video comparison shows improvements to update 1.14 –

Video comparison shows improvements to update 1.14 –

During Sony’s state of play, there was room for a lot of games to come, but PlayStation also found time to talk about Forbidden horizon west. Guerrilla Games has been updated toUpdate 1.14.1 Which introduces new content but also some technical improvements. Now, we can see a file Video comparison Made by ElAnalistaDeBits.

As you can see in the video, it has been shown that Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.14 removes “flicker” effect On PS4 Pro and PS5 in performance mode. This also renders particle effects more accurately as specified.

Then it was clarified that Horizon Forbidden West, thanks to update 1.14, offers a file picture quality “Much better”. This, according to ElAnalistaDeBits, makes PS5 Performance Mode the best option to use for playing the game.

Finally, it was determined that a file Graphics settings The performance is identical to version 1.13. Update 1.14 does not include any changes to the Fidelity mode in Horizon Forbidden West (the mode that prioritizes decision).

Horizon Forbidden West also received New Game + mode, Ultra Hard mode and other content: here are the details.

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