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After 20 years, he washes a Lamborghini: an amazing result (video)

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The quality and beauty survives after some time, albeit hidden under a pile of dust and dirt. This is how Lamborghini is being revived.

Neither of us had the ability to purchase one Expensive luxury car He hardly treated her badly. It will probably be treated more like an heirloom than a car, however There are those who have desecrated such great greatness instead. A man in Connecticut has His Lamborghini was left standing in the dust for 20 yearsbut crew Larry Kosella fixed it! This is how the Phoenix Bolognese rises again, and the result is amazing.

Lamborghini (AdobeStock)

How many times have we heard on the street a A huge roar made us turn around curiously? And how many times have we stopped with our mouths wide open when we saw some powerful race car passing before our eyes? Inevitably a lot. Not that it is usual to see a Ferrari or a Lamborghini Wandered around the street, but sometimes it happened to everyone.

Every time we stop to think about it How much can this fireball cost. But Quality, reliability and beauty come at a priceThat’s why there are well-known brands that are more expensive than others. Not everyone can afford it, but we are willing to swear that if we find one in our hands, we will treat it as an heirloom of ancient Rome.

Why spend all this money and then not use it? Ask this guy in Connecticut who caught him Discontinued Lamborghini Countach from 1985 has been in the garage for over twenty years! In fact, you might say crazy…so he decided to sell it.

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a A wealthy Roman collector decided to purchase the period piece But clearly They couldn’t send it to him dusty and battered. But how do you get rid of twenty years of dust, mites, soil and dry leaves? Simple, by referring to Larry Kosella and crew AMMO New York City.

Lamborghini Countach washed up after 20 years: Cosella puts it back together, it looks like new!

But Who are Kosilla and AMMO NYC mentioned above? cleaning wizards, Briefly. The man who founded this company that specializes in reviving jewelry that has fallen by the wayside, overgrown and left in the dust.

Nothing more than pictures can explain what we’re talking about, so let’s see what Kusilla and him were like He brought the 1985 Countach back to breathing.

Sublime and meticulous work, such commitment necessary even if 20 years of age are removed. Cosilla and crew recreate the look of the Countach, not resorting to plastic surgery but to vacuum cleaners, sprays, etc. An infectious masterpiece to say the least: one could spend hours in front of it AMMO jobs in new york city.

there Countach Still to this day nobody The longest-running and most memorable Lamborghini models. Among the most famous of them, it is considered that production began in 1971 and has not stopped for twenty years! Practical racing car: 455-horsepower 5.1-liter enginea fireball is able to reach me 309 km / h And go up From 0 to 100 in 5.4 seconds!

Do you think that’s forExcessive arrogance of the engine In the early eighties it was like that depowered. Many collectors are still looking for the aforementioned Lamborghini to get into their personal gallery, as did the guy from Rome who bought it from the previous American owner.

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Shampoo, conditioner, curl cream and a good sprayThis is the Larry Kosella trick that allowed the 1985 Countach to come back to life. We hope the new owner will be one of our countrymen Know how to value it more than the previous owner.

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