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Video clips and photos. When playing hockey, Mastiffs beat Bressanone by 2 goals in 8 seconds (4-1). Dedicated to the second tournament champions they won on March 4, 1989

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It was on March 4, 1989 and Kronenborg won the second yellow and black championship By defeating Fsy 3-0 in the last round. and the March 4th And Mastiffs give their first nod to playoffs with My decisive stretch goal in 8 seconds In a game ruined by the spotty search for guest contact beyond score, As if you had to win games any other way than by playing hockey. It must be said that Varese did not stand by and watch.

Bressanone doesn’t even stay on track to shake hands with their opponents, a non-obligatory gesture in the playoffs except for the last game of the series, nor for the MVP of the evening award (it never happened) with childish, useless spite. After today 52 minutes of penalty kicks and a match interspersed with several boxing matches, a new fight awaits, unfortunately, not only on the ice in the second match on Tuesday. Unless Bressanone will deny us: we will be very happy.

ArbitrageUnfortunately, Punish heavy strokes with the shuttlecock (See cordiano’s leitner punch) and turned light or irrelevant touches into scientific penalties.

But let’s talk about the beautiful and Varese’s usual great second period (3-0) And the usual equal The lightning that descends from the hockey sky and decides everythingLike Sheena’s last-second goal in the Coppa Italia semi-final or Perla’s memorable save that knocked out Caldaro’s 2-2 before Franchini’s 3-1 in the final. Flash this time locked in eight seconds.

Eight seconds is enough in the second half for a 1-1 tie when you only play hockey and have a team Wizard and captain containing its core: Franchinithe wizard, in jerky action and in a cloud of skates, sticks and men puts 2-1 in front of the goal, then Vanity Fires itself like a bolt of lightning after the game restarts in the middle of the track and then 8 seconds – 8blow up thousands of Asnik Ice Arena: One Two Captain Mage Killer.

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The charge placed on Marcello Borghi on the railing is the fuse that makes the spark go off: Piroso reacts by throwing himself dead at Pezzetta and an angry brawl breaks out. It is inconceivable that Varese still outnumbered them. The fuse burns as long as D Chevroletbest player of the evening with BertinWall, he emerges from a long bout of punching and feinting below the waist with 4-1 Proceed. Then, in the third half, they are Only failed targets (too many) from Mastiffs (45 shots vs. 23).

Even in the first period There was a lack of cynicism and materialism I don’t play against the yellow and black though: there are 17 shots against 9 without great saves from the visiting goalkeeper, meaning there are missed and unsaved goals, two in particular from Franchini and Desautel at the start and end of the half, Pierced by Berroso 1-0who turns in front of the door and hangs up Action full of altruism and speed by Marcello Borghi and VanettiHowever, Cianfron took a surprising 1-1 lead in the game thanks to a puck stolen from Piccinelli by Eruzione.

Let’s get ready for Race Battle 2hoping that we don’t count more penalties in matches than goals, but in the meantime let’s enjoy the 4-1 and dedicate this evening to the champions of Kronenburg in 1989. Who knows, one day …

Varese-Bresannon 4-1 (1-1, 3-0, 0-0)
networks: 4’26” Piroso (Vanetti, M.Borghi) 1-0, 13’42” Cianfron 1-1; 23’39” Franchini (Desautels) 2-1, 23’47” Vanetti (M.Borghi, Piroso) 3-1, 39’25” Drolet (Desautels, Marcello Borghi) in sup. 4-1.
Varese: perl (mordent); Desautels, Schina, M. Borghi, Vanetti, Piroso; Bertin, Piccinelli, Drollet, Franchini, M. Mazagan; Mazagan, Belloni, Cordiano, Tellaro, Raimondi; Alifato, b. Burgi, Odoni, Preferra. Coach: Claude Davies.
the reviewer: Fabio Lautaroli, Antonio Peras (Alexander West, Fabio Zen)
NB – Throw-ins 45, Br 23. Penalty 25′, Br 27′. Spectators: 952.

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Quarter-finals (best of five matches)
Race 1
for – Varese– Brixen 4-1
B – Kaltern-Valdifiemme 2-1 in extra time
C – IBAN-how 1-3
Dr – Two towersDobbiaco 2-1

Race Two – Tuesday, March 7th
Bressanone-Varese (20.30), Valdifiemme-Caldaro (20.30), Como-Appiano (20.30), Dobbiaco-Pergine (20)

Third Race – Thursday, March 9th
Varese-Bressanone (20.30), Caldaro-Valdifiemme (20.30), Appiano-Como (20), Pergine-Dobbiaco (20.30)

Potential Race 4 – Saturday 11th March
Brixen Varese (20)

Potential Race 5 – Tuesday 14th March
Varese Bressanone (20.30)

SEMIFINALS – Saturday, March 18th
Vincent A Vincent D
Vincent B. Vincent C

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