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Former Palasharp, Forumnet wins race in Milan

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The former Palasharp on Via Sant’Elia, in Lampugnano, was assigned to Forumnet, the company that owns the Assago Forum, Repower Theater in Assago and Palazzo dello Sport in Rome. It will take care of rehabilitation and management over the next thirty-one years in the form of a public-private partnership. Forumnet defeated the Ticketone bid and Mca Events, which will nonetheless be able to exercise its right of first refusal within fifteen days as it promotes expressions of interest in the former building.

Milano Hockey Arena will be built in the area: it will host women’s hockey competitions valid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. It will accommodate 8,200 seats for sporting events (basketball, volleyball, tennis, indoor cycling, horse riding, fencing, sports dancing and winter sports on ice) and 9,700 seats for general entertainment.

The tensile structure was erected in 1986 at the initiative of the Togni family to host sporting events, especially basketball, after the roof of the San Siro Sports Palace collapsed due to the violent snowfall the previous year. It was initially called PalaTrussardi and has changed different names depending on the sponsors who funded it.

“This is good news for the city of Milan and the Winter Olympics that we will host. Now we are waiting for the technical time to pass the final prize and thus begin the process that will lead to the redevelopment and transformation of the former Palasharp in Milan Hockey Arena in Milan Cortina 2026 ”: So Martina Riva, Sports Consultant of the Municipality of Milan .

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BalaSharp Offer Details

The cost of the redevelopment is thirteen million 349 thousand euros, in addition to 700 thousand euros for the purchase of equipment. Forumnet offered fees of €50,000 for the first five years and €400,000 for the following years, or a 500 percent increase based on the bid; Instead, Ticketone and Mca raised 35 percent. The increase on Forumnet’s gross operating margin is also higher: an additional 80 percent versus the 70 percent of Ticketone and Mca. Works are scheduled to begin, according to the latest available schedule, in the fall of 2022. The metal part of the structure will be reused while the entrance will be near the MRT station. The building will be equipped with solar panels, a connection to area heating and noise reduction interventions.

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