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Embedded Hockey: Snakes Raise Their Heads But The Vicenza Derby Belongs To The Devils

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the Asiago Fibers Getting back on track putting pressure on a warship Devils Vicenza In the Vicenza derby, which was held on Saturday in Via Cinque and ended with a narrow defeat for the hosts, by a score of 1 to 2.

Excellent results for Vibrate under 12 And 16 Than in Sunday’s games against Castle And Montebelluna They scored a total of 28 goals.

in a Series C It ends 3-2 in favor of Montebelluna in the last first leg of Asiago black out.


to me snakes The start is not the best: two minutes later, in fact, Nicolas Frigo, one of the previous two on the track, is in the right place at the right time and hits a pass with a Pace kiss, after reversing in front the Devils with the unbalanced Snakes in the third opponent. Soon after Schivo loses his stick and decides to give the opponent a thrust in the back, thus ending up in the penalty bench and the Devils, almost at the end of their numerical superiority, find the doubling target with an all-round pass. Sigmund, who was fouled by Dal Sasso and kicked Daniele Facinte out of the match.
Halfway through the break was another Asiago penalty, this time for several men on the pitch, risking a third goal that would have given Vicenza a manageable advantage. The children of coach Luca Rigoni suffer, but resist and are encouraged. Andrea Spiller builds a good opportunity but the opponent goalkeeper puts his shoulder on it. In the final, young Mattia Villar gains strength that his teammates did not exploit.

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In the second half, Spiller involved Frigo again, Vicenza practically missed two goals and scored and Matthew Panozzo He takes advantage of this to narrow the gap with a personal act, an example of determination and stubbornness. The game continues on different occasions on both fronts, first with a strong performance by red and white on a whistle against Alessandro Rossi, and then Asiago who touched the equalizing goal while leaving captain Frego free in front of the goalkeeper. Time passes quickly and we get to the controversial episode that occurred three minutes after the siren: Snakes builds a fine job with Simon Basso throwing a cross into the goal and singing on the rebound after Frigo’s parade, but Bess arrives who, from behind, knocks Basso hard, causing Destroys him above his goalkeeper. But the rulers chose “stalemate”. It starts again, the Vipers try everything by removing Facchinetti and thus playing with 5 players on the go, but the Vicenza goalkeeper beats himself during the last attack of the hosts, and gives the Devils 3 points in the Vicenza derby.

Asiago Vipers Diavoli Vicenza accuses Simone Basso

There are no points, but we bring home some positive signs“emphasis Asiago Fibers After an excellent performance against Vicenza. “The boys were able to withstand the impact and pushback, keeping up with the Italian champions to the end. And if at 1’36” from the end, at least the slightest solar whistle has been fired – That Pace described above – Who knows how the final journey will end“.

The results of the playoffs and the masters

Master’s Tour
Ghost of Padua 2 – HC Milan 3
Asiago Fibers 1 – Vicenza Devils 2
Rest: Ferrara Warriors

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Ivy Trieste 6 – Libes Piacenza 0
Citadel Hockey 2 – Cus Verona 1
Rest: Monleale Sportleale

Updated Categories

Inline Hockey Ranking Day Two Main Playoff

Watch the match against Vicenza

under 12

Asiago Snakes Under 12 HP Castle

the Vibrate Fromunder 12 Pass the test brilliantly against Castle Winning the race with a score of 14 to 5, they assert themselves in the leadership classification From Zone 2. Race in balance for 13 minutes, then “bite” baby snakes and set off. Poker Leo Lazaré“hat trick” Ricardo Gloderguns to Francesco Rossi And Cesar Rigoninetworks Thomas BanuzzoAnd Ricardo Dorso And Filippo Maruben.

U12 inline hockey rankings on day 5

Under 16 years old

Asiago Snakes Under 16 Montebelluna Dejan Isabel

L ‘Under 16 years old dei Vipers wins the first leg against him Montebelluna With heavy from 14 to 0, all players scored points. four networks of Andrea Rigonithree o’clock Gabriel Oro and two of Mattia Villarplus another “close” for Isabelle Dejan.

to me snakes From 16 a short break and indeed TonightAnd It’s 19:00will get back on track for recovery the sixth day against the Legnaro / Ghosts of Padua far.

Inline Hockey U16 Ranking Round 8

Series C

Asiago Black Out Montebelluna Dinner

the Asiago black outOr, at least, a few of them, in the company fail to beat Montebelluna Losing the match in the last minute by three goals to two.
But on this occasion, the Plato players preferred to end the evening with a slogan: “If things go wrong, the body does not suffer‘, as they announced at the end of the game.

The inline hockey ranking has been updated on the seventh day of the Italian League

Credit: Photo by Vanessa Zinobini

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