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Stronger Than Fate, Final Episode, Happy Ending: There is only a place for the best

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It was broadcast on March 18, 2022The last episode of the novel Stronger than Destiny And as you’ll see, in the end, there was a peaceful end for everyone. A happy ending we don’t always see when dealing with TV series, but it happened in this case. In the fourth and final installment of the fantasy version of Destinies in flame, the protagonists of the story got almost everything they could possibly get, after the difficulties and thousands of obstacles life put in their way. Fire changed their lives, evil changed everything but in the end, good seems to have triumphed. And so Costanza saved his libero, thanks also to his father, who realized at the last moment that he was really wrong. Ariana saved her young daughter from a murderous murderous man, Rosalia Giuseppe hugged again. All is well that ends well, or almost …

Final Episode Stronger Than Destiny: Happy Ending for Heroes

As you will see in the last episode of Canale 5, Rosalia finally decided to tell Giuseppe everything before he left the villa. Tell him about Margarita and what really happened. The two then decided to meet outside the villa but did not imagine that Ferdinand would follow them. The noble tried to harm both of them and Rosalia in order to defend her husband, killers Then an accident with the horse. Obviously, Elvira is not a stupid woman and I understood right away It was Rosalia who hit FerdinandAnd, among other things, find evidence of his presence in the stables. But he immediately reassured the girl: he did not want to report her, but rather on the contrary. He had only one request for her: that Elvira had so little time left, so little was left for her to live. That’s why Rosalia would like to raise little Tommaso as if he were her own son. Giuseppe also welcomed the project. The two will inherit everything upon Elvira’s death and will also be able to marry again.

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Ariana decided to report her husband, For everything he did, not just to try to blame the anarchists for the gallery fire. He manipulated dozens of people for the thousandth time. Not only. Guglielmo hit her and continued to hit her and Ariana asked for help from the inspector who warned her. When it appeared that the woman was destined to die at the hands of her husband, the police stormed the house. Unfortunately, William managed to escape. Little Camila can hug her mom again. Perhaps they will live with the fear of William coming back and hurting them, but they will stay together.

Costanza fought in every way to save Libero and prove his innocence. But the manipulations of his uncle Guglielmo, who was ready to do anything to achieve his goals, complicated matters. The girl testified and spoke to reporters, but it was not enough. Libero still risks being hanged. But in the end, Costanza’s father realized all the mistakes he had made and the abuses he had suffered for years, and condemned Guglielmo. Free secure.

Costanza, who is embraced by Libero, decides to go see Margherita, to tell her what happened. With that, Rosalia decides to stop lying and expose herself to her former lover and friend. Costanza is happy to know that she is calm on Giuseppe’s side, despite everything.

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