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Hockey, Derby Under 11 from the Blue Factor

Hockey, Derby Under 11 from the Blue Factor

The decisive 6-5 goal, which sends Picchianti Grossetto 30 seconds off the siren, is positioned by Cornacini.

Castiglione della Pescaia: Derby match under 11, recovery on the fourth day, between Blue Factor Castiglione and Picciante CB Grossetto: The Bianquilesti won with a goal by Lorenzo Cornacini (the evening star with 5 goals) which deserved the final 6-5.

Between the constant questioning and the response, the challenge stood: Alexandre Convertitie Mann responded to Bagnoli’s advantage. Castiglione returned to the lead with Cornacini, shortly before the blue button to Alexandre Convertetti, Mann missed a free throw, Red and White still tied with Bony, Cornacini himself sent the blue agent to rest with a 3-2 score. In the second half, Castiglione immediately stretched with Cornacini’s usual, but Edward Conference Mann falls short (4-3). Grosseto coach Stefano Bagi’s protests caused two blue cards to be sent to the bench, the goal with a 5-3 free kick from Cornacini. Return of CP and a tie with Alexandre Coveretti Mann and Busillo. When the match appears to be over, Cornacini’s strike deserves a win for Castiglione, who single-handedly climbed to second in the standings. The tournament will resume on January 9, 2022.


Castillion Blue Agent: Matthias Sanjari; Michel de Salvatore, Thomas Nucci, Lorenzo Cornacini, Mattia Sforzi, Filippo Bagnoli. Shepherd Marco Mantovani.

PICCHIANTI CP GROSSETO: Pietro Costanzo, Gabriele Sorbo; Edward Coveretti Mann, Alessio Tonini, Alexandre Coveretti Mann, Mirco Pocello, Alice Sorbo, Leonardo Boni, Victor Celata. Sponsor Stefano Bagi.

Referee: Matteo Galopi of Follonica.

Goals: pt (3-2) 6’28 Bagnoli (C), 11’34 A.Convertiti Mann (G), 13’38 Cornacchini (C), 14’53 Boni (G), 14’51 Cornacchini (C) ; st 2’03 Cornacchini (C), 4’19 E.Convertiti Mann (G), 7’56 pp Cornacchini (C), 8’53 A.Convertiti Mann (G), 10’56 Pucillo (G), 14′ 30 Cornashini (C).

Recovery Day 4: Blue Factor Castiglione-Picchianti Cp Grosseto 6-5.

classification Italian U11 Championship and Cup (Seventh Day), District 4:21 Follonica, 18 Castiglione, 15 Sarzana, 12 Grosseto, 9 Forte Versilia Roller, 6 Rutelistica Camaiore, 3 CGC Viareggio, 0 Prato.


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