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Long Black Friday at Lidl: the unmissable opportunities for shopaholics continue

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The unmissable deals of the Black Friday event show no signs of stopping. This is the new unmissable offer from Lidl.

The American tradition of Black Friday has also taken root in Italy and, year after year, is gaining more and more approval from consumers. Despite a terrible year with soaring prices and inflation, Italians can’t help but shop on Black Friday. After all, this is a great opportunity to purchase the long-awaited items at very favorable prices.

From big electronics stores, to clothing and accessories stores and more recently also supermarkets, everyone seems to have succumbed to the Black Friday mania, offering amazing discounts and advantageous offers. Speaking of supermarkets, we cannot fail to mention the superior proposals of the Lidl Group.

The German supermarket chain has always been a real leader in terms of discounts, but on the occasion of the days dedicated to Black Friday, it has launched some truly unmissable offers.

Among these we want to point out a great new electric scooter, presented by a low-cost supermarket chain on offer these days for less than 300 euros.

Black Friday Mania: Lidl’s Unmissable Opportunity!

Recently, Lidl has been known to sell a range of tech products at rock-bottom prices. And now it’s time to get your hands on Doc Green brand’s massive electric scooter, which promises excellent performance at an unbeatable price.

lidl scooter

It is a device with an attractive design, made entirely of aluminium, and therefore very light and bears two rubber wheels to ensure excellent grip on the road. Equipped with a 350-watt electric motor, it reaches a speed of 22 km/h. In addition, it is equipped with an innovative braking system, with front and rear mechanical disc brakes, which allows the scooter to instantly stop in front of any obstacle. Finally, on the front is a convenient LCD display that indicates speed and battery charge status.

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On the occasion of Black Friday and the coming days, the Doc Green electric scooter is available in Lidl at an affordable price of 280 euros. In short, with just under 300 euros you can go from home to work and wherever you want, saving on fuel, without having to deal with city traffic and with an eye on environmental protection.

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