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Vezzali: The World Cup is in danger? Italy will give us feelings – football

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The sports world unanimously agreed on the confidence placed in coach Mancini and the conviction that the European champions will reach the World Cup in Qatar 2022, despite the defeat they suffered against Switzerland and last night 0-0 against Northern Ireland.

“I consider the fact that Italy does not qualify for the World Cup as a distant reality, something light years away. In fact I think it is a positive thing, our Italy will go its own way and will give us other feelings.” This is the comment of the Undersecretary for Sports Valentina Vesali, on the sidelines of the Social Football Summit speech in Rome.

“Yesterday and Friday’s matches were difficult matches. This shows that in sport there is nothing for granted. Sometimes it is good to face difficulties, not to say goodbye to the World Cup. This situation can give motivation for the Azzurri to move forward even better, when these can be overcome.” The tough moments, it’s all downhill.”

The same position also on the part of the head of Kony, Giovanni Malaggi On the sidelines of the meeting with the mayor of Turin Stefano Lo Rosso, he expressed himself this way regarding the Azzurri match:

“I heard President Gravina, there is disappointment. Having said this, I am very optimistic. It is the history of our country, and also and above all in football – he added – when we had successes, we had to do much more than something “normal”, see to the 1982 and 2006 World Cup Finals.

“You have to keep your head and nerves – he said – in my opinion Mancini is the best guarantee to do all this. We are very sorry that this practice has not already closed, but this is life. This is a sport and it should also be a life lesson.”

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Full confidence in the blues and also left by the world champion Spain 82, Marco Tardelli, who commented on the match 0-0 last night: “The team is finished and Mancini ran out of time? Not at all, I have absolute confidence in Roberto, he will do well in the near future.”

“I’ve only seen a team with a lot of absentees and with some problems, with Northern Ireland they could win and they didn’t. I have great confidence in this team, plus I know these events very well: after winning a great event there he’s slipped, but he’s not at the end of the streak on The launch. And I have absolute confidence in Mancini, he invented it. I think the only big mistake was the draw with Bulgaria, but he always played great matches.”

Also another world champion in the 82nd World Cup, Antonio Cabrini He has no doubts: “Are we in the qualifiers? That means we’ll get through the play-offs and go to the World Cup. I’m optimistic.”

“We are not the usual Italians and we keep our faith in Mancini. The team is not like we saw this summer, there are three or four important elements missing. Then November is a strange period for the national teams: there have been a few games, we are at the beginning of the season, there is a different way to play, you You are not at your best and you have the lead in the championship.”

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