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“Rimini must find her features.”

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Being a team. Put us in front of our self and do it as fast as we can. Because the championship doesn’t wait and it would be a shame to leave points on the road that you might regret in May. Without compromising the fact that the arrangement is currently promoting Rimini, who immediately settled as a new student on the left side, but the feeling is that it could have been done better. And if you haven’t, it’s because there’s no reaction every time you get frustrated, and that’s with Cesena and Luchae’s.

Maniero analysis

The red and white sporting director, Andrea Maneiro, looks on the outside of the creature he created with club director Carlo Cherubini and apparently came to him after five matches: “Every player must have a personal ambition, like dreaming of doing 40 goals, or playing all matches. , but first there is the concept of the team. We have these ups and downs because we haven’t yet found an exact physiology so the technician and staff have to find it soon, otherwise we’ll go on with this ups and downs. The first few times with Cesena and Luchese bothered me a bit, if we had to lose the opponent We have to be up front for 90 minutes, which is not the case.”

Perhaps the difference between Cesena and Luchese is that Rimini had a good start last Saturday in the forbidden “Porta Elisa” field: “I would say that even the goal we scored, we played better – confirms Maneiro – and then as soon as we went under the light and then he reacts on 2 -0. It is true that there was a solar rigor in the middle of the second half that would reopen the competition but I don’t want to get stuck in the rings because we just have to work hard to find our identity as quickly as possible.”

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fair loot

Some regret, then, but maybe it’s the case to say that Rimini has the points it deserves, 7 and it’s too few: “I still win for Luca – continues Maneiro – this start to the championship said we should always stay on the piece because anyway I’m sure Rimini is organized in such a way that he can put a wrench in the works for everyone.I repeat, in order to succeed, we must find physiognomy as quickly as possible, something that Reggiana, Gubbio, Ancora and Carrarese have succeeded in so far. Now we wait for Alexandria that will be Good test bed.

In short, the message is clear: It’s time to get out of the swing and try to grow more. Sure many signed up for 7 points in the first 5 days, and it’s certainly a source of pride to see Rimini in the middle and high zone of the standings. But there is a clear feeling that this team deserves a little more and once they find the right spot, maybe the fun will increase.

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