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Sunday hockey for youth teams in Bondino

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Sunday is full of hockey at HC Bondeno. The Under-14 team, coached by the Ghisellini Calzolari duo, took to the field in Reggio Emilia. Two matches are scheduled against HP Milano and HC Riva.

The first match, after a surprising start that saw the opponents score 0-4, highlighted the great determination of the young Matildas, who turned the score around with an impressive 9-6 victory, with goals from Costa, Tassi and goals from Fajaj.

As for the second match, which witnessed very strong competition and players within the age limit, it witnessed a defeat with a score of 11 to 1, with Matilda’s goal scored by Allie Patsi.

These are the words of Mr. Ghisellini: “I am very satisfied with the win against HP Milan. The boys responded after trailing 0-4 at the end of the first quarter, with an exciting recovery until the final 9-6. The match against Riva clearly highlighted their “The level between the two teams is largely due to the age difference.”

These are the players who took to the field: Marega, Mazzone, Bellodi, Ghisellini, Borghi, Mercurio, Pazzi, Costa, Tassi and Figag.

Also on Sunday, at PalaBonini in Bondino, the second indoor stage of the Northeast Promotional Circuit was held. There were 14 teams present on the field, divided into U8, U10 and U12 categories. The companies present were HC Bondeno, CUS Padova, Hockey Cernusco, HC Riva and CSP San Giorgio.

The youngest members of the U8 team performed well, as they were coached by Roberto Piganti, who recently returned to the ranks of Matildeo to help the group, which works passionately on young athletes; At the end of the day, the young team rose to third place on the podium, receiving huge applause from the entire group.

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Even better for the other two categories, U10 and U12, both of which reached the first step of the podium. The two teams, coached respectively by Andrea Gualandi and Hussain Ajmal, showed great character without giving in to their rivals. Although they were all still very young, they gave the audience a great taste of the excitement of the game and convinced everyone present of their great potential.

The work carried out in recent months fully represents the results obtained as a result of continuous effort, manifested at the technical level and continuous participation in tournaments by parents.

The following are the athletes present during the matches: Bux Allegra, Cuestas Luciano, Cassari Giorgia, Casari Anna, Salani Nicola, Badan Edoardo, Badan Niccolò, Talmeli Pietro, Poletti Martina, Baraldini Filippo, Bux Letizia, Borgatti Daphne, Benati Zoe, Campini Chloe. , Elissa Sana.

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