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Vatican and Becchio: “Friendly meeting with the Pope”

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“I am grateful to the Most Holy Theotokos for being able to clarify with him in a friendly meeting two days ago.” This was announced by Cardinal Angelo Becchio, accused in the Vatican trial of the financial scandal linked to the sale of the London building in Sloane Street, through his defenders, Fabio Viglione and Maria Concetta Marzo.

Elaborating, the Cardinal notes in the memorandum: “I am grateful to the Holy Father for having been able to clarify with him in a friendly meeting two days earlier. The Pope encouraged me. I renewed to him with the strength of my senses. Steadfast and complete devotion and I am equally grateful to him for confirming my invitation to continue participating in the Cardinals’ ceremonies.” .

Encounter, is the meeting between the Pope and Cardinal Angelo Besio, which took place last Saturday a few days after the last disclosure in the context of the process in progress in the Vatican, including the news of a phone call, recorded without the knowledge of the Supreme Pontiff, at the Cardinal’s house a few days before the start of the trial Conversations between Becciu and his relatives spread in a chat that also speaks of the Pope and the judges.

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