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PlayStation Acquire FromSoftware? Sony executive denies clues –

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Rumors about the possibility of continuing Acquisition of FromSoftware from Sony PlayStationwith a company executive forced into it Denies The fact that he was suggesting the possible operation in some tweets.

After rumors about the possibility that FromSoftware could be among the candidates for the upcoming acquisition by Sony, which started from speculation about the trusted Serkan Toto but suggested with all possible caveats, many have seen possible confirmations of this possibility in some of the tweets I posted Shawn Benson from PlayStation Studios and his other colleagues from the same division.

Benson and others sent several photos of them in one company Malinia statue Inside Sony Studios, which has apparently fueled rumors about a potential acquisition, despite the fact that the CEO in question is working to split relations with third parties and therefore will not have a direct relationship with internal PlayStation studios.

The rumors spread to the point where Benson was forced to deny the fact that she was suggesting the possibility of a purchase: “To permanently silence everything…I am a huge fan of the game,” Benson wrote, in an apparent reference to Elden. An episode and rumors about the acquisition of FromSoftware. “It was my first day in the office and I saw the statue near my colleague’s desk. Nothing else! Also, I remember my role being focused on getting the content he developed Third team, not the Provisioning Study, that’s a completely different team! “.

That probably won’t be enough to stop the rumors, but at least the idea that the photos were evidence of this theory has been defused. On the other hand, we are waiting to understand what a big Sony PlayStation acquisition many insiders have been certain of for several days.

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