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Vancouver, Canada – The perfect family destination

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What do we know about Canada? It is the largest country, the second largest country in the world, mostly covered by wild and uninhabited natural landscapes. However, Canada is also famous for some of the biggest cities on the planet, and Vancouver stands out as one of the most livable cities in the world. Vancouver is considered by many to be Canada’s best family home, with plenty of activities to do indoors and outdoors. If you are already preparing for a wonderful vacation with the whole family, this is probably the destination for you!

Plan the trip

The key to a successful Canadian family vacation is good organization. This may seem obvious, but for Canada, planning is even more important because it is a large country. If the trip is not properly organized, you will have to spend more time traveling by car than taking advantage of the vacation. In addition, like many countries in the world, Canada has a set of rules Saw Should be respected with the utmost care. Can only travel to Canada without applying Saw Canadian and American citizens. Those coming from Europe and Italy must apply for a travel permit, without which they will not be allowed to fly to Canada.

Save time and money with eTA

Important: Not required for Italian travelers Visa to CanadaWhere they can Apply for eTA Canada. This travel authorization is much cheaper than a visa and can be applied for very quickly, usually within minutes. The eTA is valid for five years and can be used for multiple trips within the validity period. For family travelers: Children also need eTA.

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Why Vancouver?

About 16 million tourists visit Canada every year, a country that is suitable for all tastes and appreciated by families with children. Choose the right functions especially for a big city like Vancouver. Stanley Park and Cranville Island are not to be missed by families as it is a unique experience for both young and old.

On Cranville Island, easily accessible by boat, there are many places for kids, from a specialized Kids Market, where you can buy all kinds of toys and delicious food and rides to make one or more rides. Do not forget: swimwear. In fact, Cranville Island also hosts a summer water park (for free!). The local playground is perfect for relaxing after playing together for a day. This is a great park to organize picnics or birthday parties with other families.

Stanley Park is loved equally by families, sometimes more so than Granville Island. This park is one of the most popular sites in Vancouver and is definitely one of the most popular places. It is not difficult to understand why this fame: Stanley Park sites are all relatively close to each other. Some examples are the Stanley Park Miniature Train, a miniature train that travels through the woods for a magnificent tour, the famous Vancouver Aquarium, Canada’s largest fishery, you can admire Cetaceans like dolphins and belugas up close, or a horse – tran garage, which can carry up to 20 people in a van. … being pulled by horses. Last, but not least, the beach where you can relax and play with lots of sunscreens!

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Vancouver is undoubtedly one of Canada’s most popular family destinations, and the city has already begun to attract a large number of tourists since the country’s borders reopened.

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