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Conti-Macey’s Exploitation, Rizzo’s Development. Italy no longer wants to get off the merry-go-round – OA Sport

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Two platforms in two different specialties. Now Italy doesn’t want to leave the carousel on the ISU Grand Prix 2002-2023 figure skating circuit. After a packed Paramount Fine Foods Center at Skate Canada 2022 Theater in Mississauga, Matteo Rizzo and Sara Conti-Niccolo Macii both finished thirdProves a moment of significant growth.

For the Trained Pair by Barbara Luoni It was the first time. On balance, Sara and Niccolo highlighted a small exploit in an already “epidemic” season (so without international competitions) and used the crucial last year to immediately start the new one on the right foot. The new personal best of 186.18 achieved in total actually attests to a basic and very quick exploit: on snow they appear safe, solid and above all. Equipped with a relief mechanism, a feature that cannot be underestimated. A fall was initiated on the triple Ridberger Not allowing them to take second place It would have been more than deserved. But two blues Sheffield will have a chance to make up for that in two weeksAnother event that could reach the stage again.

But there is more: Because Conti-Masi may have reignited the fuse of the Italian couples movement On the international stage, giving potential LA A series of historic results: in the presence of Rebecca Gilardi-Filippo Ambrosini In this sense it is our colors that guarantee other luxury spaces, thus providing an important sign of continuity.

Matteo Rizzo wins third place at Video Skate Canada 2022 Let’s live freely

Matteo Rizzo is replaced He earned a spot on the lowest step of the podium for the third time in his career At a Grand Prix stage. But this time the taste is different: Matteo is actually very mature, alert and above all not at the peak of his performance, a feature that’s good for future meetings. Within weeks, Franca Bianconi’s gem had scored more than 250 points in total, briefly made two faults and had room for improvement in the free. Rizzo, already in good shape, It promises to further increase its impact on racing Quality, creativity and purity in skating are factors that have allowed him to win heavy medals in the past. It could be his season.

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Among other aspects to report Kao Miura’s dedication is not to be missed, He is the best quality skater to have in practice Booked a ticket for the final in Turin Has two second place finishes at both Skate America and Skate Canada. We are in the presence of an athlete called the complete set, therefore, is a very important technique and has a good explanatory impact; Not bad really for a country that hailed the greatest Yuzuru Hanyu of all time and now has to do without. Yuma “Feather” KagiyamaFull recovery from injury.

And Japan was in general Best protagonist of the Canadian nomination, bringing home three wins out of four, two obvious, for Yuno Shoma (still in the running stage) and Riku Miura-Ryuichi Kihara, an artistically beautiful pair. Another, albeit unpredictable one It came in a very exciting way: We are talking Ringa Watanabe After surprisingly winning the Lombardia Trophy, Skate was invited to compete in Canada He imposes himself with a species that has recovered the beauty of the six levelsi, thanks to the high-quality technical property adorned by the initial scream triple axle.

If a good day starts in the morning, a star is already born and can disturb fellow players Kori Sakamoto and Mai MiharaLooking forward to a competitive return Riga KhiraHowever, looking motivated and determined, unlike its more famous rivals, we think of the South Korean Young Yoo, whose biggest disappointment on the podium was only finishing third for qualifying. Two disasters made free by Madeline Skizas and Gabrielle DalemanFirst and second after short and sinking after a long section is problematic in the standings.

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Finally, if the dance world needs a concrete answer DPiper Gilles-Paul PoirierR, that’s the answer It came out stronger than ever. Canadians really are Showed great strength in both categoriesProposing a gem of rhythmic dance and a free with emotional traction”AvoidEngraved with elements that filled the GOE. Playing at a position much higher than the sock-pads (unshaped) position, i The Canadians sent a loud and clear message to the tournament with a total of 215.70 points. Now up to it Charlene Guignard-Marco Fabbri responds at the distance at this weekend’s Grand Prix de France To get a clear picture of the situation. But pay attention to the British too Lila Fear-Louise Gibson Pivoting can play the role of roaming tunnels, as reaffirmed at Skate Canada Especially a free diversionor, Contemporary and Magnetic. We will see.

Photo: LaPresse

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