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Are you sure Trudeau won on the pitch?

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As protesters and truckers continue to protest against the Govt, an opponent was arrested when police removed truckers and supporters following a court-ordered ban on law enforcement blocking access to the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor. 19 Vaccine Orders and Restrictions in Windsor, Ontario, Sunday, February 13, 2022. (Canadian Press via Nathan Denett / AB)

Trudeau’s repression is ongoing in Ottawa. Well, well, biz. Are you sure the tactic was successful? This is because piling trucks around power castles gives a bad image, but it does not endanger the economy and life of the country. On the contrary, the spread of peaceful protests across the country would cause truly significant economic damage.

Because something like this seems to be happening. For example, the video shows a small crowd blocking an important intersection between two state roads

Demonstrations in Toronto too


I can continue with other demonstrations taking place on the streets of Canada. Perhaps overthrowing a large demonstration violently and continuing it would not have been a very sensible move, unless it were a journey of repression across the country.

Considering who is in the Canadian government, this would not be wrong.

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