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USA, China and Canada let themselves in, Australia heads up – OA Sport

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The second day of the Women’s Basketball World Cup Australia 2022 and six group stage matches were experienced on the floor.. After a first day that didn’t leave any surprises, here’s how it went today, and America should continue their race.

Puerto Rico-USA 42-106
It began with the Americans engaged in a “derby” against Puerto Rico in a match without history. The Americans were too strong, as they imposed their superiority (27-11 in the first ten minutes) from the first quarter and ended the first half with a 33-point lead. And Brenna Steward and her teammates didn’t slow down in the second half, finishing with a 106-42 final, Coach Reeve was able to keep several protagonists on the bench in view of more promising duties. A second win out of two, therefore, is the first knockout for the USA in Group A, while for Puerto Rico.

High scorer
Puerto Rico: Hollingshead 10, San Antonio 8, Grandes 7
USA: Austin 19, Copper 16, Jones 15

Serbia-Japan 69-64
On the other hand, the match between Serbia and Japan was more contested, with the Serbians dominating the first 10 minutes and using the Japanese on defense to finish with a clear 24-9. However, the tune would change in the second quarter, with Japan finally finding offensive solutions, fixing the defense and closing the gap to 38-34 as we headed into the break. Although Serbia continued to maintain a good lead until the last quarter when the Japanese got to -5, then raised the white flag and lost, the second half looked partly horror and cruised to the brink of a tie. 69-64. The result ties the points table in Group B with both teams having one win and one loss each.

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High scorer
Serbia: Nojic 13, Dopusovic 12, Andersen 12
Japan: Takata 15, Miyazaki 11, Akaho 10

Belgium-Korea 84-61
Belgium will take some time to settle the Korean question, with the Belgians starting very strongly and putting a gap between themselves and Korea in the first 20 minutes that their opponents could not close. The Belgian defense dominates the first quarter, he only gives up 12 points, and you’re already at +14 heading into the first stop. Before the break, Belgium didn’t lift too much off the accelerator and Korea found more dangerous solutions, but not enough to avoid 50-30 where you go to the break. In the second half, the Belgians could control themselves to control the game, the percentage dropped in the last quarter and Belgium imposed itself 84-61. So, a first win for Belgium and a second knockout in two games in Group A for the Koreans.

High scorer
Belgium: Abdelkader 17, Vanloo 14, Allemand 13
Korea: Kang 11, J. Park 9, Yoon 8

China-Bosnia and Herzegovina 98-51
The tie lasted in Group A’s last game, with China suffering a 10-minute lead over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first quarter, in fact, was full of points on both sides, with the Chinese trying to extend and the Bosnians retaliating to score 26-21, which is how you go to the first stop. However, everything changes in the second quarter, when China’s attack does not slow down, while the defense recovers the engine and limits the points scored by Bosnia Herzegovina to 10, going to halftime 50-31 and the match is already over. . The Chinese scored 32 points in the third quarter, the last 10 minutes in garbage time and China outscored Bosnia 98-51. Second win for China, second consecutive knockout for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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High scorer
China: Han 18, M. Li 17, Y. Li 13
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Jones 17, Davic 10, Delic 8

France-Canada 45-59
First place is contested between France and Canada, but the show is all about defense. A first half with uninspiring percentages and a score that failed to pick up. The first quarter sees Canada dominate on defense, the French struggle to find their way to the basket, and without thrilling balls in hand, the North Americans end the first 10 minutes 15-9. Music from the same score in the second quarter, France did not resolve the attack, shooting with 20% percentage from the field (7/35), while Canada with similar percentages (24%), but signed three triples. (0/10 for France, on the other hand) 29-17 going into the break. The percentages increase a little in the third quarter, but the French continue to chase without closing the gap. So, the return to France was a failure, falling against Canada after surprising Australia in the first match, and instead saw a 59-45 victory in the second.

High scorer
France: Williams 13, Fathoux 7, Chartreux 7
Canada: Fields 17, Kohli 11, Alexander 9

Mali-Australia 58-118
Australia are reacting after their shock knockout to France in the opener and Mali are not playing against the very strong Australians. Australia rabbited on in the first quarter but ended up 23-12 without a sensational margin. But the game ends in the second ten minutes. Australia’s defense was impenetrable, Mali didn’t find attacking outlets, while the hosts upped the ante and retired at 56-22. The second half, therefore, was nothing more to say with the Australians able to control the game, continuing to save energy for the next, decisive, group stage matches. Hence, Australia finished 118-58.

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High scorer
Mali: N’Diaye 15, Dabou 10, Kone 9
Australia: McGegor 15, George 14, Blikavs 14, Corbin 14


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