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US Freeze Towards Italy? Forecasted weather for the New Year, the expert speaks »

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Breaking Weather: US Freeze Towards Italy? Predicted New Year’s weather, the expert speaks

Predicted New Year’s weather, the expert speaksDuring Christmas, in between Canada And United States of America They fell down Freezing storms and record snow: An arctic air mass descending from the North Pole caused an exceptional heat melt from Montana to Texas; In some states bordering Canada, we went from positive values ​​to -25/-30 degrees Celsius in a few hours with wind and snowstorms.
A. is responsible for this extreme event Hurricane bombA vortex that saw a pressure drop of about 25 millibars (or the equivalent hectopascals) within 24 hours: the hurricane produced extensive and intense blizzards, meaning hurricane-force winds blew along with large amounts of snow.

In recent days, a reasonable question has arisen: Will this arctic cold and hurricane bomb reach Europe and Italy? We asked for an explanation Antonio SanoDirector and founder of site
The fear of living in Europe a situation similar to Christmas in America arises from the widespread knowledge of the main meteorological concepts: in 90% of cases disturbances move from west to east, as we know very well. Sometimes hurricanes even come off the US coast to hit the UK or the Iberian Peninsula, and more often we see chaotic fronts crossing the Atlantic Ocean bringing widespread rain towards Europe and Italy.
So is there a chance the Hurricane Bomb will hit Italy? It takes an average of 5/6 days to cross the Atlantic Ocean, so the US is at risk of being hit by a hurricane bomb during these hours.

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Where has the North American cold moved in recent days? Will it come to Italy?
Hurricane Bomba, responsible for freezing and blizzards in the United States and Canada, remained practically stationary between Canada and the Northwest Passage, between Hudson Bay and the Labrador Sea south of Greenland: although the cyclone slowly weakened, it caused serious disturbances towards Europe.
Over the past few days, the disturbance has advanced towards Europe, greatly easing the weather system, but the Azores counter-cyclone has acted as a barrier, diverting the unstable and cold flow towards Iceland and the United Kingdom: even Iceland has seen heavy snow. Thunderstorms over Ireland and Scotland.
So we in Italy can sleep easy, the Azores anticyclone has protected us, diverting the disturbed flow northwards and significantly reducing the chaos associated with Hurricane Bamba, which first hit the Arctic and Canada and the US.

So what will the weather be like on New Year’s Eve?
Daughter of yesterday’s moderate Atlantic disaster, the center-north will get a fresh return of the African anticyclone, a relative of the Azores anticyclone that shielded us from bad weather in the US, after some residual rain in the next few hours. : Together, the two anticyclones will give us stable and sunny weather on December 31st and January 1st, except for more dense clouds between the Po Valley and Liguria and Tuscany, and drizzle will not be excluded even at snack time. Among other things, a warm snack everywhere: frost in the mountains like summer up to 3300 meters, 5°C in Cortina d’Ampezzo at midnight, 10°C in Courmayeur.

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What is the temperature at lunchtime from north to south?
Going down the hill, 10°C with light and isolated rain in Milan at midnight on New Year’s Day, 14°C in Genoa with some rain, then dry weather almost everywhere. 15°C at midnight in Florence (!), 10°C in Bologna, Rome and Bari, 12°C in Ancona and Naples, 14°C in Palermo and Cagliari.
In short, for the second ‘summer’ New Year’s Eve in a row (2021/22 was also very hot) we’ll be toasting with ‘hot’ bubbles!

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