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Look at what de Filippi’s plan did for Italy

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Lorenzo Inzain prepares to reach Toronto this summer, but first returns to C’e Posta per Te da Maria De Filippi: live proposal.

Lorenzo Insine He is ready to leave Italy to play elsewhere, but he certainly will not abandon his legacy: The common thread with Naples will always be there, more and more after he is determined to be able to return when he wants In the shadow of Vesuvius, if nostalgia occurs, Toronto has provided an array of private planes.

Captain of Napoli (Lapirus)

However, the Napoli Center Forward will remain in Serie A until June And he wants to do what he can to get the best out of his favorite team. Captain and emblem until the last, before saying goodbye, because goodbye will never be. A moving story between Napoli and Insigne, “There is a mail for you”. De Laurentis not wanting to open the envelope is too bad.

Stay away from Naples: Maria de Philippi has arrived in Rome and the cause is moving

Insine Naples
Striker at C’e Posta per Te (LaPresse)

On the contrary, he did just that: Directly from the Philippines, Lorenzo was the protagonist of the Insane Channel 5 project. Striker helps Carmen – a Napoli fan – to entertain his parents at a well-known public event. The direct encounter between them and the idol of all time moves on. Although Insigne soon moved to Canada, he still left a trail – one more – for the benefit of his soul.

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He has repeatedly credited efforts such as: The striker is preparing to live a new adventure abroad, but he has not forgotten Italians – neopolitans in this regard – ball-throwing empathy and involvement: iFootball is a whirlwind of fan emotions. Insine, in his own way, contributed to the most important lap.

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