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US Box Office: Trans-Spider-Verse Wins Weekend, Elemental Suspends, The Flash Collapses | Cinema

US Box Office: Trans-Spider-Verse Wins Weekend, Elemental Suspends, The Flash Collapses |  Cinema

awaiting release Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny This week, US acquisitions tumbled: It was a weekend without blockbuster hits on the big screen, so acquisitions fell to a total of $106 million. Movies in the runtime were the main recipients, with five films grossing more than $10 million.

Surprisingly back at the top of the rankings Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse, which collected another $19.3 million and dropped just 28% in its fourth weekend, rising to a total of $317 million (which became $560 million worldwide). It’s rare for a blockbuster to return to the top after such a long time, especially in the height of the summer season, but this is emblematic of the situation in some films that clearly didn’t do well at the US box office.

remains in second place Elements: The Pixar movie grossed $18.4 million, rising to $65.5 million overall. Here the CinemaScore A clearly reflects excellent word of mouth: compared to its disappointing debut, the film lost just 37%, and should continue to hold up in the coming weeks. Of course, this is no consolation given the disappointment of the debut and the film’s high cost (over 200 million budget). Internationally, the film also held up well, losing just 18% thanks to expanding into more territories and grossing 31.3 million in 40 territories, for a worldwide total of $121.1 million.

It slides catastrophically into third place the light, with just $15.2 million: After very low mid-week results, DC cinecomic rose to just $87.6 million in ten days, making it $210 million worldwide. Andy Muschietti’s movie doesn’t get in the way of any non-fan audience, and even then word of mouth doesn’t seem to yield satisfactory results.

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It opens in fourth place Rental friendly (No hard feelings): The R-rated comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence grossed $15.1 million (24th worldwide), a result above expectations (there were talks of $12-15 million in three days). Some were hoping for a surprise, perhaps even a first place, but instead, the film behaved as it should in a scenario in which the protagonist did the promotion she could (remember that with strike no evening talk shows, which has a certain appeal to the target audience for a film like this). ). The point is that Rental friendly Its cost is $45 million (don’t ask us how that’s possible) and so it’s going to have to hold up pretty well, which can’t be ruled out by any means (there won’t be much competition in the coming weeks and in particular the 4th of July weekend might make for good counter programming ).

Closes the top five Transformers: Awakening, for $11.6 million and a total of $123 million. The film fared better overseas, and has grossed over $341 million worldwide.

Surprisingly in sixth place ascent Asteroid Citywhich scores the best wide debut for a Wes Anderson film: $9 million and best average rating ($5,300 per theater), grossing $10.2 million.

Noteworthy in seventh place the little Mermaidwhich is still holding up quite well with $8.6 million and a $270 million gross — the blockbuster just crossed the half-billion mark worldwide (half of what some predicted it would achieve at the end of its run).

USA Groups Weekend June 23-25, 2023

  1. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – $19,300,000 / Total: $317,050,646
  2. Elemental – $18,463,000 / Total: $65,514,915
  3. The Flash – $15,265,000/Total: $87,644,000
  4. No Hard Feelings – $15,100,000 / Total: $15,100,000
  5. Transformers: Rise of the Monsters – $11,600,000 / Total: $122,947,711
  6. Asteroid City – $9,000,000 / Total: $10,214,714
  7. The Little Mermaid – $8,674,000 / Total: $270,241,764
  8. 3 – $3,518,000 / Total: $351,122,883
  9. The Blackening – $3,025,000 / Total: $12,266,705
  10. The Boogeyman – $2,541,000 / Total: $37,710,059
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