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After the fatal “Rust” accident, the star returns to work in Rome

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Alec Baldwin Get back to work. after 5 months after the accident lethal on set “Rust”which cost his life Helena HutchinsHollywood star back in action On the set. From a pistol he had in his hand, while filming the movie, he started there kill bullet Helena, the western film photographic director and girlfriend of the movie star. But now Alec Baldwin is back on the set and doing it In Italy.

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While Justice is running its courseThe actor is trying turn the page. with the Brother William Works on Two films in Rome: “Santa’s Baby” and “Billy’s Magic Word”.

the two filmsTransformation Live action or direct eventIt is a technique that combines real actors and cartoon characters, and will be played by the Baldwin brothers. The two, apart from their brother Daniel’s “My Promise to PJ” documentary, find themselves for the first time in group sharing.

The director of both films is Francesco Cinquemanewho returns to direct Alec Baldwin after “Andròn: The Black Labyrinth”.

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