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Uncomfortable and uncomfortable for Emiliano Mitali at the Spazio 18 P theater

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The world premiere of Emiliano Mitali’s show “Uncomfortable, Uncomfortable, This Is the Inappropriate End to an Inappropriate Relationship”, directed by Orazio Rototo Scivoni, will have its world premiere Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 8.30pm at the Spazio 18B Theater – via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi 18b, in the Garbatella district. It was translated by Francesco di Raimondo, Matteo Santorum, and O. Rotolo Schifone

On stage for the first time from From 12 to 22 May to me Space Theater 18 BAnd Uncomfortable and uncomfortable Any unfavorable ending to an unfavorable relationshipView of Emiliano MetaleDirected by Orazio Rotolo Chivonne.

Maybe it all started by chance. A fateful meeting, thanks to the silence of the river that calmly and secretly flows along the wooded banks of the capital. Wooded and hidden from prying eyes: navigating places like many others for ephemeral and unexpected adventures. Or maybe a business opportunity. Ida sews the story of Armando and Giuseppe, as if it were an endless dress, and the audience watches her through her eyes and words. A story of “uncomfortable” and “uncomfortable” people for Italian society in the post-World War II period, still too narrowly bound in the bonds of authoritarian conditioning. That is why its ending, however inappropriate it may be, is still preferred.

Uncomfortable and uncomfortable He wants to restore the voice and dignity to all those people who were already there, forgotten, innocent victims of society, just because they chose a path different from the rules of the so-called “right-thinking” people.

A young and talented cast, a forgotten story that must be brought to light and all forms of violence are fought against: this is why Uncomfortable and uncomfortable It is a show not to be missed.

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The story, in a free and fictional way, centers around the character of Ermanno Randi: a young gay actor who was murdered by his partner. We are in the early fifties and the press talked about her in a derogatory way, until her name was deleted. The story begins with the acquaintance of the two, highlighting the chiaroscuro of both characters and the contradictions of the now-forgotten gay lifestyle, with all the difficulties of living in the family and in society, but also with moments of fun and as a substitute for very strict rules and laws. Besides the two, the story of a friend of theirs is also told, a true witness to the facts between the two, with the transgender spirit of pre-litteram, and the restoration of the mythical personalities of the transgender *prim* (eg Coccinelle) who in the 1950s debunked and infatuated” The esteemed Roman Dolce Vita. The text is revealed, starting with the tragic ending, through flashbacks and reflections of the three heroes, with noir undertones.

Uncomfortable and uncomfortable It reached me unexpectedly, and like all things that come so suddenly, it colonized my head and kept me from thinking about anything else for so long and is still a recurring theme in my mental soliloquy”, notes Orazio Rotolo-Shivon. “The fiction that is defined is polluted, at times dystopian but also sometimes very close to the 1950s atmosphere in which the drama takes place. Ermanno Randi’s story is closely connected with Italian cinema of the 1940s/50s and its main creators, first of all Anna Magnani who noticed him among the dancers of her own company and made him act as Nino Taranto as a magazine. Actor, then cinema comes to films outlaws by Aldo Vergano Enrico Caruso By Gentilomo with Gina Lollobrigida e white leprosy With Sophia Loren, from there success and dedication, though not always, to the star. I want to play a lot in the parallel relationship, typical of the three characters, between the inner world, made up of utopias, games and everyday life, and the outer world, the world of the society he arose, and now the enemy number one is almost embodied in a conditional darkness in which the light of the three shines more and more until he surrenders » .

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The exhibition is sponsored by the Mario Meli Club of Homosexual Culture in Rome, on the occasion of the International Day against homolesbobitransphobia.

Uncomfortable and uncomfortable, i.e. the inappropriate ending of an uncomfortable relationship by Emiliano Metalli – direction: Orazio Rotolo Shivone; co-director: Rebecca Rigetti; Interpreters: Francesco di Raimondo, Matteo Santorum, and O. Rotolo Schifone; special costumes: Simone Natale – She will be on stage at the Spazio 18B Theater until Sunday, May 22, 2022 (Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 and Thursday 19 to Saturday 21, 20.30; Sunday 15 and Sunday 22 May, 18.00.

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