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Science within everyone’s reach through “Fridays in the Universe”

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by Martina de Tiberis

They are back again this yearthe Universe Friday“, a scientific review organized by the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences of the University of Ferrara in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Amateur Astronomy Group of “Colombia” and let’s explore the universe.

“We have reached the 24th edition – explains Laura Ramaciotti, Dean of Unife – and with great pride we are here to promote an event aimed at spreading the culture of science, so that the latter has a positive response in terms of social and environmental impact”.

The program, which is explained in detail by Michel Paris, Technical Support Member, is made for review Six evenings to be held in Trotti Mosti Palace (Home of the Law Department), where topics related to astronomy, physics and science will be discussed and explored.

“Exploring the mysteries of nature. The Infn: Society for the Advancement of Knowledge” is the first meeting scheduled for Friday Jan 20 at the age of 21 with Antonio Zuccoli, which will be preceded by the delivery of three degree awards dedicated to the memory of Professor Raffaele Tribbioni, who recently passed away.

We will continue after that February 10th With an evening dedicated to “Planet Hydrogen” hosted by Julia Monteleone.

Other designations are: “Proteins like legos or motors to improve: protein engineering tricks” Feb 24 With Alessio Branchini and “From Nuclear Physics to Medical Applications: Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals”, il March 3rd With Gaia Pupillo.

Finally, the last two seminars will see the topics related to “Robots inspired by nature” as protagonists, in 1March 7thpresented by Barbara Mazzolai and “From the Big Bang to Artificial Intelligence”, il March 31stwhere Roberto Trotta will speak.

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“The conferences will be held by high-level personalities – specifies Vincenzo Guidi, Director of the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences at Unife – and will target all citizens, especially young people, to help them develop scientific awareness.”

Admission will be free and it will be possible to watch the evenings in the YouTube streaming connection.

“I hope that this initiative will be able to bring people of science closer, especially young people, to STEM disciplines, which are a basic need for the national community,” concluded Giovanni Santarato, President of the Columbia Astronomers Group.

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