Home entertainment Uncharted, fans are furious after watching The Last of Us

Uncharted, fans are furious after watching The Last of Us

Uncharted, fans are furious after watching The Last of Us

Uncharted and The Last of Us are two of the most loved gaming products by video game fans. Both have been the subject of a switch, a movie in the case of Uncharted and a serial for TLoU. But if in the first case fans were unhappy, then with TLoU the opposite is true.

Anonymous It is the movie based on the video game of the same name with the protagonist Tom Holland in the role of the hero Nathan Drakea young waiter recruited by a treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivanthat have a face Mark Wahlberg. Unfortunately, although the movie did moderately well at the box office, many video game fans were very unhappy, who noticed more than one variance in the adaptation.

Uncharted fans were disappointed with the adaptation and with the release of The Last of Us, they couldn’t help but complain openly

After the premiere of the series The last of us (Available in Italian exclusively on Sky and can only be streamed on right Now ), whose positive reviews from Italian and foreign critics leave no doubts about the high quality of the Switch, movie fans Anonymous They couldn’t help but publicly express their displeasure with the way the film was conveyed instead.

The adaptation, in particular, proved unsuccessful for many fans, with the choice to base the character of Sully on Mark Wahlberg, a more adult person in the video game version, while on the contrary, Tom Holland He was considered too young to play Nathan Drake.

Although it was a box office success, the sequel to Anonymous It has not been confirmed yet, however Sony Pictures He stated that the film is the beginning of a new franchise and that there will be several chapters dedicated to the video game.


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