Home entertainment “Imagination is shaped by whites” – Corriere.it

“Imagination is shaped by whites” – Corriere.it

“Imagination is shaped by whites” – Corriere.it

The trailer for the live-action version of the Disney classic starring Halle Bailey is over. “It doesn’t stick to the original model.” “This is just racist.”

Next May, on the twenty-fourth of the month, the Little Mermaid will return to the screens. The heroine of the live-action movie will be actress Halle Bailey, but for some, Disney’s choice will not be respectful towards the character. This is because Billy is black. Criticism was promptly answered by Kahn’s neighbor, an Italian writer and activist of Ghanaian origin. “The multinational company of the world’s most famous nostalgia, better known as Disney, has released the first official teaser for… the little Mermaid. However, bartenders of the subtlety of Disney’s direct and Vassy work in defense of childhood memory in the ’90s can’t fathom the idea that the much-loved, white Little Mermaid, in 2022, will be played by a black actress. I don’t even want to go back to the controversy of those who, in an effort to hide their sincere racial inconvenience, climb in mirrors improvising themselves as experts in Danish folklore, or Greek mythology because the sirens of African folklore are there. What I would like to share with you is the topic of the role of black actors, who are so immediately stripped of their professionalism that the roles they interpret appear to be service that is part of a political agenda.”

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The writer also added that, “With regard to the imagination and the presence of blacks in illusory or folkloric roles there is a cultural battle for the supremacy of the white imagination who wants to remain white and free to be Aryan and happy, in a world that is changing and that. He questions the role of whiteness as a unit of measurement for everything that appears natural and not “forced.” From these things we understand to what extent white constitutes our sight. There has always been an order. Eggs first. Then all others as a side dish. But none of the critics of the Black Little Mermaid have yet dared to admit that it is this perturbation of the white imagination that really frightens them Not being faithful to a story is pure fiction.”

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