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The shocking announcement of Putin’s ex-adviser, details »

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Russia Risks a Coup: Former Putin Adviser’s Shocking Statement, Details

Russian President Vladimir PutinWithin a year, when the protracted war in Ukraine has claimed more deaths, Russia’s economy will collapse and the president will collapse Vladimir Putin may have to stage a coup. The words of Abbas Galliamov, former spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, made during an interview with CNN, are really strong.
The Russian economy is getting worse. I lost the war. There are more and more bodies coming back to Russia, so the Russians will have more difficulties and they will try to find an explanation as to why all this is happening. They themselves will answer: well, that’s why Our country is ruled by an old tyrant, an old dictatorGalliamov said, referring to Putin.

According to the analystWithin a year, a coup becomes a real possibility Because there is a file President Really unpopular Hated at the head of the country And the war is really unpopular, and they need bloodshed for it“.

as above SkyTG 24Moreover, this possibility is not excluded put it in Canceling the presidential elections scheduled for March next year. “Judging by his actions, he could Is that true Cancel the elections. With no victory over Ukraine, he will face the struggling Russians. The Russians don’t need him if he’s not strong. He can already declare martial law and cancel electionsGalliamov said.

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