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Ukraine – Russia, today’s war news

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Russian troops entered the Severodonetsk industrial zone. This was confirmed by the governor of the Ukrainian Luhansk region, Serhiy Hayday, explaining that the Azot chemical plant is the only part of the region that has not yet come under Russian control. Heidi added that the fighting is raging in the area, noting that the neighboring villages are also under constant fire. For their part, the Kyiv forces are about to launch a counterattack in Kherson. This plan was confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk’s invitation to the residents of the region to leave the region, even at the expense of asylum in Russia, before the start of operations to facilitate the task of the Ukrainian army.

But there is a “crisis within a crisis” that threatens to lead the conflict in Ukraine toward an uncontrollable escalation of the confrontation between Russia and the West: The embargo imposed by Lithuania Export of a range of goods to and from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. For Moscow, it is close to the cause of the war, while for Vilnius there will be no restrictions on the transit of goods, but only the application of EU sanctions. French President Emmanuel Macron receives NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Paris today. This was announced by the Elysee, explaining in a note that the aim of the meeting is “to prepare for the NATO Summit in Madrid scheduled for June 28-30 next.”

Ukraine-Russia war, beyond life: what you need to know today

07/53 Moscow: Russian TV broadcasts throughout the Kherson region

Today, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Russian television is now broadcast in the entire occupied Kherson region in southern Ukraine via 24 channels. reports that tax.

07.45 Kyiv: 1.2 million civilians deported to Russia, 240 thousand children

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshuk said during a press conference that the Moscow authorities have deported 1.2 million Ukrainian citizens to Russia since the start of the invasion. Ukrinform. “I have a total number that has been deported, which is slightly different from that given by Russia. But you realize that Russia never tells the truth… They say their number is close to two million people. According to our reports, the intelligence is about 1.2 million people,” Vereshchuk said, confirming that there are 240 A thousand children, 2000 of them orphans.

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07:35 US soldier killed in combat: ‘It’s the second’

Last month, an American citizen died fighting in Ukraine: Stephen Zabelsky, then 52, was killed on May 15, an obituary published in registered, a local newspaper in New York State. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the news, according to the newspaper Washington PostHe is the second American to die in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion. Zabelsky, who was from New York and moved to Florida in recent years, left behind his wife, five adopted children and a grandson. The State Department again warned Americans not to go to Ukraine.

07.30 The Kremlin: “A long crisis, Moscow will no longer trust the West”

Russia will never trust the West again and the crisis of the situation in Ukraine will be protracted. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, in an interview with the TV station NBC.

07.20 Vespermeier: “1500 civilians detained in Russian prisons”

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshuk stated during a press conference that more than 1,500 Ukrainian civilians are being held in Russian prisons. Kyiv Independent. “They are in Rostov, in Kursk, they are in prison, they are being held as prisoners of war, even if it is not,” Vereshuk emphasized, adding that among the civilians there are Ukrainian priests, volunteers, activists, journalists and leaders of local authorities.

06/31 Peskov to Nbc: The two American prisoners are mercenaries, the Geneva Convention does not concern them

The two Americans captured by the Russians in Ukraine endangered the lives of our soldiers and are “responsible for these crimes.” So said NBC spokesman Dmitry Peskov in the Kremlin’s first comment on the case of ex-US soldiers Alexander Druk and Andy Hoencrimes. “They are mercenaries involved in illegal activities on Ukrainian territory. Their crimes should be investigated,” Peskov added. Asked about the nature of the “crimes” against the Americans, Peskov admitted that “the nature of their crimes is not yet known”, but it certainly “does not fall within those covered by the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War.” Because, as the Kremlin spokesman explained, “they are not regular members of the Ukrainian army.”

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01.23 Moscow: Kaliningrad and the European Union free the passage of goods, otherwise Russia will act “by any means”

The head of the Committee for the Protection of Sovereignty of the Federation Council, Andrei Klimov, said that the European Union must correct the situation in Kaliningrad, “otherwise Russia will be free to resolve the issue of the transit of goods by any means.” According to Klimov, NATO pressured to impose a blockade on the Russian region with the help of Lithuania, and to commit a “direct assault on Russia,” which could “force it to resort to self-defense.”

00.49 Yellen: The United States and its allies are studying the ceiling of Russian crude oil prices

The United States is discussing with its allies the possibility of limiting Russian oil revenues by capping the price of its crude oil. This was stated by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during a visit to Canada. “We continue to have productive conversations with our partners around the world about how to further reduce Russia’s energy revenue while preventing spillovers to the global economy,” Yellen said at a news conference in Ottawa.

00.30 Ukraine: the Kyiv government criticizes the Italian giant Danieli and the company continues to cooperate “with the Russian military complex”

Today, on its official Twitter account, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said: “After four months of full-scale war, the Italian Danieli is still cooperating with Russian factories, providing equipment for the production of nuclear submarines and armored vehicles for tanks.” “Supporting the Russian military complex goes against legal and ethical considerations,” the ministry said.

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